January 24, 2017

Michael Caine Caine to star in British crime thriller Harry Brown

Michael-Caine to star in British crime thriller Harry-Brown.Michael Caine will take the lead role in contemporary British crime thriller “Harry Brown.”

Caine plays an elderly former serviceman drawn to vigilantism while living in a rundown burb rife with gangs, guns and drugs.

Topical pic, which stars Emily Mortimer (“The 51st State”) as a police woman, is directed by Daniel Barber, who was Oscar nommed for short “The Tonto Women.”

” ‘Harry Brown’ is a modern urban Western that reflects the stark realities of youth crime in the 21 century both in the U.K. and internationally,” commented Thykier, adding that Caine’s role “is an exciting and contemporary take on the iconic characters like Harry Palmer (‘The Ipcress File’) and Jack Carter (‘Get Carter’) that originally brought him to fame.”

To former-PR maven Thykier, “The themes of the darkness in young society and of two generations at odds with each other are both timely and important. From my marketing background, I am keenly aware that, as the U.S. enters the election and we enter election year here, these issues are likely to be very front-of-mind next year when ‘Harry Brown’ debuts.”

Thykier reports that Caine was drawn to the project by the script, which resonated personally with him: “He also grew up in a council estate and served in the forces in Korea so was touched by the story.”
Source: Variety.

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