January 22, 2017

This Sporting Life Restored Edition

This Sporting Life Restored EditionThis Sporting Life Restored Edition

Network is proud to bring THIS SPORTING LIFE (15) to DVD on 3rd November 2008, one of the most notable films from cinema’s British “New Wave” phase. It is director Lindsay Anderson’s multi-award winning, gritty and powerful northern drama, featuring a breakout performance from Richard Harris (Gladiator, Harry Potter) with strong support from Rachel Roberts (Saturday Night Sunday Morning), both of whom are on tremendous form in one of the films that came to define the sixties. This version of the film has been taken from an HD print in the correct aspect ratio so this is the first time the film can be viewed on DVD as it was meant for a cinema audience.

Frank Machin is a miner who lodges with Mrs. Hammond, a widow. His competitive nature and powerful physique lead him to join the local rugby team. With a progressing sports career comes success – and perhaps a new sense of insecurity – which seems to make Frank harsher and cruder than he already is. But his inability to articulate his sensitive side only serves to alienate people further…

With both Richard Harris and Rachel Roberts turning in powerhouse performances (which won Harris an award for Best Actor at Cannes and Roberts a nomination) plus a Palm d’Or nomination at Cannes for director Lindsay Anderson, this is an unflinching look at the lives of the working class set in the bleak landscape of northern England.

Special features on this DVD are:
- Digital restoration of the film in the correct aspect ratio
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Extensive image gallery
- Promotional and Script PDFs
- Commemorative Booklet by Film Historian and Lecturer David Rolinson.


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