January 22, 2017

More new titles from Network DVD in July

More new titles from Network DVD in JulyFurther classsic television and films releases from Network DVD in July.

20th July 2009
Get Some In – Series 4. This release brings together all 6 episodes that have not previously been released in any format. We rejoin the “erks’ of “C’ Flight as they continue their medical training at RAF Midham, hoping to emerge as fully qualified attendants to the sick and injured. Under the tutelage of the long-suffering Flight Sergeant Wells; Ken, Jakey, Bruce and Matthew are learning the finer points of nursing – such as trying not to faint at the sight of blood… Inspired by the successful The Army Game and the nostalgic Dad’s Army, writers John Esmonde and Bob Larbey (Please Sir!) set about writing and creating another show that would emulate the success of the aforementioned army – based series, but from a fresh perspective and revived energy. The result is this RAF – based sitcom GET SOME IN, which ran from 1975 – 1978 and was much loved and enjoyed by viewers all over the country, with Robert Lindsay and Tony Selby both turning in wonderfully comedic.

Man In The Moon (1960) – Sci-fi comedy classic directed by Basil Dearden. Kenneth More (Battle of Britain) is Mr. Normal, William Blood, yet he is at the same time very strange. He appears to have an inability to worry and to become ill. This strange physical phenomenon allows him to make a living working as a human guinea pig. Perhaps inevitably, fate comes a-calling during one particular assignment, when he chances upon a beautiful woman running to the railway station. But surely he is also immune to the charms of women… or so he thought. ilm (Starring British cinema icon Kenneth More (Reach for the Stars, The Forsyte Saga) and Shirley Anne Field (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning))

Hot Enough For June (1964) - Dirk Bogarde stars in this British spy comedy, supported by Robert Morley, Leo McKern and John Le Mesurier. Dirk Bogarde stars as replacement agent number 008 opposite Yugoslavian-born screen siren Sylva Koscina in this satirical Cold War thriller. Scripted by Lukas Heller (The Dirty Dozen, The Flight of the Phoenix) and produced by the prolific and highly successful Betty Box.
Special Features: Three image galleries, including behind the scenes and publicity shots.

Crown Court – Volume 6. A television institution that lasted for over a decade, Crown Court was much-loved and, although the cases were fictional, used ‘real’ jurors chosen from members of the public. Multiple endings were prepared for each story, dependent on whether the accused was found guilty or acquitted of the charges, giving each story a strength and energy which raised it far above that of normal courtroom dramas. This volume contains a further twelve stories, in production order, and features compelling cases that cover a wide spectrum of what would come before a courtroom – including arson, espionage, libel and poisoning.

27th July 2009

Boon – Series 3. This 4 – disc set includes all episodes from Series Three, complete and uncut. Michael Elphick is back as Ken Boon, the former fireman with the heart of gold, a passion for adventures and his trademark motorbike. In this series, he tries to make a success of his new motorbike despatch firm – The Texas Rangers. Alongside him is his former colleague in the fire service and business partner David Daker. Neil Morrissey joins the series as a young employee Rocky – a gentle, vulnerable lad beneath his menacing black biker leathers… With humour, adventures and heart-warming story lines, Boon is yet another ratings winner for ITV.

Wycliffe – Series 1. The acclaimed ITV crime drama is available in a 2-disc set. Jack Shepherd is Detective Inspector Charles Wycliffe, investigator of Cornwall’s most serious and challenging cases. Whilst the storylines often highlight the social and economic difficulties faced by the local community, the conscientious Wycliffe offers something of a contrast to the classic “maverick detective’ character; a family man with a fastidious, tolerant approach, he tackles each investigation with a calm determination and a resolutely open mind, and his incisive style of questioning never fails to cut through to the heart of the mystery. Wycliffe was a huge ratings winner for ITV. The series’ haunting theme music, composed by Nigel Hess, received the Royal Television Society’s award for the best television theme. This release contains every episode of the first series complete and uncut, originally transmitted in 1994, along with the pilot episode from 1993.

Jennie – Multi-award winning television series starring the wondrous Lee Remick. Jennie Jerome was the vivacious, intelligent and beautiful American who married the son of the 7th Duke of Marlborough. She named one of her sons Winston, who went on to become the most celebrated and esteemed British politician of all time, Winston Churchill. Jennie Jerome – subsequently Lady Randolph Churchill – became immsensely popular in London’s high society upon her arrival from America. Lee Remick’s astonishing portrayal of this great lady earned her a BAFTA and a Golden Globe for Best Actress. First screened in 1974 as part of ITV’s commemoration of Churchill’s centenary year, this stunning production not only charts all the major events in Jennie’s life; but it is done with much affection and truth. The lavish, award-winning costume designs and the breathtaking locations – including the family home, Blenheim Palace – lend a striking authenticity. This is the story of a remarkable lady told lovingly and respectfully by a faultless cast, crew and award-winning director Cellan Jones.

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