January 23, 2017

New titles from Renown Pictures

renownRenown is delighted to announce the release of our next three classic films, lovingly restored and brought to you on DVD available now from our online shop.

The Boys
When the night watchman of a garage is found murdered, four young men are arrested and put on trial. Under cross-examination, suspects and witnesses give differing accounts of the same incidents that led up to the crime. After re-examining the suspects statements, the prosecuting counsel finally learns the truth.
Directed By Sidney J Furie
Year Of Production 1962 (B&W)
Running Time 118 mins
Cast Richard Todd, Robert Morley, Jess Conrad, Dudley Sutton, Tony Garrett, Felix Aylmer, Ronald Lacey, Wilfrid Brambell

A black market racketeer (Joseph Calleia) is amassing a fortune until reporter Lenda Medbury (Carole Landis) is on to him.
Directed By Edmond T Greville
Year Of Production 1948 (B&W)
Running Time 91 mins
Cast Derek Farr, Carole Landis, Stanley Holloway, John Slater, Nigel Patrick, Joseph Calleia, Ruth Nixon, Carol Van Derman, Lesley Bradley, Reginald Tate, Edward Rigby, John Salew, Robert Adair, Hay Petrie, Uriel Porter

While I Live
25 years later a spinster still obsesses over the death of her composer sister and concludes she has returned reincarnated into another woman who chances by her house seeking help.
Directed By John Harlow
Year Of Production 1947 (B&W)
Running Time 81 mins
Cast Sonia Dresdel, Tom Walls, Carole Raye, Patricia Burke, Clifford Evans, John Warwick, Audrey Fildes, Ernest Butcher, Enid Hewitt, Sally Rogers, Charles Victor, Edward Lexy, Johnnie Schofield, John Martin, Brenda Cameron

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