January 22, 2017

Ridley Scott to direct Red Riding movie?

RedRidingColumbia Pictures has acquired rights to remake the U.K. miniseries “Red Riding,” and is negotiating with Steve Zaillian to write the script and Ridley Scott to direct.

Based on four David Peace novels, the miniseries is a study of power and police corruption framed around the investigation of the disappearance of several young girls. For the pic, the setting will be transferred from Britain to the U.S. The mini clocked in at more than five hours, so Zaillian and Scott have their work cut out for them to compress the 19-year-spanning story into one film.

Source: Variety

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  • DR DTX

    Question -Who’s the most creatively bankrupt ‘artist’ currently on the
    scene Martin -Fan documentary-Scorsese? -Ridley -hashmaster- Scott?
    -or Ed -PC burnout- Norton?

    Take your time.