February 19, 2017

Terence Davies Collection

terencedaviescolConsidered by many to be Britain’s most gifted and remarkable filmmaker, Terence Davies’ visually stunning, intensely personal films have impressed audiences the world over and seen him proclaimed by critics as one of contemporary cinema’s true poets.

Collected together for the first time in one DVD set, along with extra features and a booklet of essays, are The Terence Davies Trilogy (1976-1983), Distant Voices, Still Lives (1988), The Long Day Closes (1992) and Of Time and the City (2008).

The Terence Davies Trilogy with special features
These three semi-autobiographical short films follow the journey of Robert Tucker, first seen as a hangdog child in Children, then as a hollow-eyed middle-aged man in Madonna and Child, and finally as a decrepit old man in Death and Transfiguration. Dreamlike and profoundly moving.
• Feature commentary by Terence Davies
• Filmed interview with Terence Davies

Distant Voices, Still Lives with special features
An impressionistic view of working-class life in 1940s and 1950s Liverpool that stars Freda Dowie and Pete Postlethwaite. Through a series of exquisite tableaux Davies creates a deeply affecting photo album of a troubled family wrestling with the complexity of love.
• Feature commentary by director Terence Davies
• Filmed interview with Terence Davies
• Filmed introduction with Art Director Miki van Zwanenberg
• Original trailer

The Long Day Closes with special features
Bud’s home is happy and safe, but his Catholic school is a harsh world where teachers administer lashings, and he is bullied and friendless. Once again Davies creates a dreamlike montage of memories, using gliding tracking shots and an artful layering of pop songs and religious music.
• Feature commentary with Terence Davies and Director of Photography Mick Coulter
• On-set interview with production designer Christopher Hobbs
• Previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage of Terence Davies directing

Of Time and the City with special features
Davies revisits the city of his youth in this deeply personal BAFTA-nominated evocation of post-World War II Liverpool. Through the film’s patchwork visual poetry, woven entirely from painstakingly researched archival footage, Davies explores an urban landscape that echoes his own troubled past to speak candidly of his childhood experiences.
• The making of Of Time and the City (2009) – in new interviews, Terence Davies and the film’s producers and archive producer discuss the making of the film and the inspirations behind it
• Listen to Britain (Humphrey Jennings, Stuart McAllister, 1942) the classic wartime documentary which helped inspire Of Time and the City, presented with a personal introduction by Terence Davies
• Q&A with Terence Davies at Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
• Original trailer


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