February 20, 2017

The Princess’ Gangster

It was announced today that renowned screenwriter and playwright Louis Mellis (Sexy Beast, 44 Inch Chest, Gangster No. 1), has signed on to pen The Princess’ Gangster for Smuggler Films. The Princess’ Gangster tells the true story of notorious gangster turned movie tough guy John Bindon and his scandalous relationship with high-living Princess Margaret in the late 1960s.

Mellis, whose upcoming projects include The Take for Fox comments, “I’m very much looking forward to exploring this particular period in recent history when classes and cultures collided.”

Adds Milling-Smith, “Louis is one of the few writers that can find the authentic voice needed to portray the complex and contradictory characters that were Princess Margaret and the larger than life John ‘Biffo’ Bindon. Loved and feared – often both- these incredibly forceful personalities played out a fantastic story, which we are confident audiences will find fascinating.”

Channel 4 has already done a short expose about the affair between Margaret and Bindon; The Princess and the Gangster aired a year ago.


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  • http://www.rulerfilms.com Chris Maw


    A biopic of gangster, actor and lover of Princess Margaret, John Bindon, is in development by a British film company.

    “Mugs” by Christopher Brand, is the story of John Bindon, a gangster who became an actor, but who never stopped being a gangster.

    The film includes appearances from Princess Margaret, Richard Harris, Mick Jagger, Stanley Kubrick, Peter Grant, James Fox, Bob Hoskins, Paul McCartney, Nic Roeg, David Bowie, Lionel Bart, The Krays, Ken Loach, Frank “Mad Axe-Man” Mitchell and Bob Dylan.
    Bindon had an extraordinary life and a charisma to match. He was an outstanding physical specimen, attracting female attentions and male admiration – and often terror – from an early age. He thrived in all company, and once met, was never forgotten. The highlight of any party was his ability to thread 5 half-pint beer mugs down his 12 inch penis, hence the title of the film.
    The film takes us on Bindon’s extraordinary life journey from the London Blitz through teenage years spent in and out of prison, on to working as an enforcer for the Krays, appearing as an actor in classic British films, his affair with Princess Margaret, receiving an award for bravery from the Police, heading up security for Led Zeppelin, being acquitted of murder, and finally dying at the age of 50 from AIDS.
    He appeared in such films as “Performance”, “Get Carter”, “Quadraphenia”, “Barry Lyndon” and “Poor Cow”, while living a parallel existence as one of the most feared men in London. He claimed on his deathbed to have “lived the life of 10 men”.
    No casting is confirmed so far.