February 28, 2017

BFI screenings: TV Remakes, Reboots and Re-imaginings

TV fans on the whole are wary of remakes: they worry that a ham-fisted producer will ruin (or tarnish the memory of) their beloved shows. Understandable, perhaps, but as US TV has proved over and over again, some remakes do work and create new sensations (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, V, etc), so it’s doubtful the practice will vanish. The reboot of Dr Who has been a shining example of what can be done, but relatively recently other brave souls have tried their hand at recreating a classic. As we eagerly await the re-imagined version of The Prisoner on ITV later this year, here are a few more home-grown revivals.

Doomwatch: Winter Angel + The Cult of Doomwatch
Tue 23 Feb 18:00 NFT2

Minder: Gunfight at the OK Laundrette + Minder: Better the Devil You Know
Tue 16 Feb 18:20 NFT3

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