January 22, 2017

‘Doctor in the House’ to be revived

Following the semi-successful reboot of the St Trinian’s franchise, Ealing Studios chief Barnaby Thompson is next hoping to revive the Doctor in the House series for modern audiences.

It has been 56 years since cinemagoers were enchanted by the antics of student Simon Sparrow as he struggled through medical school. The 1954 Rank film transformed Bogarde into a heartthrob and made household names of many of its stars, including Donald Sinden and Donald Houston. The films also showcased the talents of James Robertson Justice as bellicose surgeon Sir Lancelot Spratt.

Its mixture of farce and vulgarity, as Sparrow and his friends fell foul of hospital rules, attracted a record number of British cinemagoers during its release year. It is clearly a formula that some filmmakers believe could still be a hit. Ealing Studios has bought the rights to Doctor in the House and is updating the story. The film has yet to be cast.

Source: Daily Mail

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