January 24, 2017

Guns At Batasi (1964)

Major Lauderlale, a British officer (Richard Attenborough, Brighton Rock), is sent to a colony in Africa to keep the peace during a changeover in the local government. Adding to his troubles are a contentious female officer (Flora Robson, Saratoga Trunk) and a young woman on a vacation (Mia Farrow, Rosemary’s Baby).

When a local officer starts creating trouble for the British government, Lauderdale is forced to defend the British Empire against one of his own countrymen. The complex governmental tangles surrounding this turmoil force the officer to come to terms with his unwavering faith in a system that may be a lot more brutal than it first appears.

Based on the classic novel by Robert Holles, Guns At Batasi was filmed on location in Kenya. Richard Attenborough won the Best British Actor BAFTA Film Award for his performance in this John Guillermin (I Was Monty’s Double, King Kong) film.


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