February 22, 2017

Save Bray Studios

Bray Studios, which were set up in 1951 by Hammer Films could be converted to housing.

Parish councillor Peter Janikoum said that he thought the studios should continue in their current usage. He said: “It would be nice to keep them going as studios, wouldn’t it?”

In its publication, Bray Management Ltd, which owns the site, proposes replacing the studios with seven houses and a media office and studio building. Down Place, a Grade II listed building facing the Thames, will be retained and converted back into residential use.

It says that in recent years, Bray Film Studios have been unable to keep up with technological advancements and strong competition from other studios such as Pinewood and Shepperton.The company also says it is difficult to upgrade Bray Film Studios due to its greenbelt location.

A campaign by Belfast based film historian Robert Simpson has been launched to oppose the potential demolition of the Bray Film Studios.

For more information go to www.savebraystudios.com

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