January 20, 2017

New dvd titles from Renown Pictures

Renown Pictures Ltd is Delighted to announce our FOUR new releases – Officially Released September 20th

Clash By Night
A prison bus enroute to jail is hijacked by a gang determined to free their leader. Before they make their escape, the gang lock all the other prisoners and guards in a barn doused with petrol. But can their impromptu prison cell withstand the flames and sparks of Bonfire Night?

Directed By Montgomery Tully
Produced By Maurice J Wilson
Year Of Production 1963 (B&W) Running Time 73 mins
Cast :Terence Longdon, Jennifer Jayne, Harry Fowler, Alan Wheatley, Peter Sallis, John Arnatt, Hilda Fenemore, Arthur Lovegrove, Vanda Godsell, Mark Dignam, Richard Carpenter, Robert Brown, Stanley Meadows, Tom Bowman, Ray Austin

During One Night
“This Second World War drama from Sidney J Furie was bold in its day for exploring the then taboo topics of virginity and impotence. Don Borisenko plays a USAF pilot whose buddy is castrated during a mission, leading him to go AWOL in a attempt to lose his virginity. Reduced to impotence through trauma, he eventually finds hope in his quest in the form of a young Susan Hampshire, but not before a brutal encounter with the military police.” Radio Times

Directed By Sidney J Furie
Year Of Production 1961 (B&W) Running Time 84 mins
Cast Susan Hampshire, Don Borisenko, Jackie Collins, Sean Sullivan, Joy Webster, Graydon Gould, Tom Busby, Alan Gibson, Barbara Ogilvie, Michael Golden, Roy Stephens, Colin Maitland, Pamela Barney, John Bloomfield, Sean McCan

Her Favourite Husband (aka The Taming of Dorothy)
A Neapolitan bank clerk (Robert Beatty), much bullied by his English wife (Jean Kent) and mother-in-law (Margaret Rutherford), is the double of Leo L’Americano, a gang leader. The gangster kidnaps the clerk intending to use the masquerade as an opportunity to rob the bank, and the result is a wild confusion of mistaken identities.

Directed By Mario Soldati Produced By Colin Lesslie, Carlo Ponti, John Sutro
Year Of Production 1951 (B&W) Running Time 80 mins
Cast Jean Kent, Robert Beatty, Margaret Rutherford, Rona Anderson, Gordon Harker, Walter Crisham, Max Adrian, Tamara Lees, Michael Balfour, Norman Shelley, Danny Green

Something in the City
A wonderfully simple story of Mr Ningle (Richard Hearne) who lost his job in the City many years ago, but didn’t want to tell his wife. So he goes off to town each day in his pinstripe and bowler then changes his clothes and works as a pavement artist. Unfortunately Bill Shine (a reporter) is sent to tail him,but when Ningle suddenly dissappears Shine calls the police. They find Ningle’s clothes and assume he’s been killed. A suspicious character seen near the scene is of course Ningle himself and the police set out to track Ningle in connection with his own death!

Directed By Maclean Rogers
Year Of Production 1950 (B&W) Running Time 74 mins
Cast Richard Hearne, Garry Marsh, Ellen Pollock, Betty Sinclair, Tom Gill, Diana Calderwood, Bill Shine, Dora Bryan, George Merritt, Horance Kenney

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