February 22, 2017

The Boy Merlin, Supergran and Dark Angel from Network

New titles from Network DVD in May 2011.

2nd May 2011
The Boy Merlin: The Complete Series
Set in Wales during the Dark Ages, the series tells the story of the young apprentice magician Merlin – the grandson of King Conaan, fostered by the family of Dafydd Ismena. Merlin’s father is unknown but rumours abound. His foster-grandmother, Myfanwy, who also possesses magical powers, is the only one to realise that Merlin’s destiny lies at the court of King Arthur, and it is she who schools him in magic and witchcraft. However, because of the circumstances surrounding his birth, Merlin is in constant danger from Vorti

16th May 2011
Supergran: The Complete Series 2
Granny Smith is a sweet old lady living a sedate life in the Scottish coastal town of Chisleton. Then, one day, she is accidentally struck by a stray beam from Inventor Black’s magic ray machine and transformed into ‘Supergran’ – possessor of amazing powers, superhuman strength, and even a magic ‘flycycle’! These she puts to great use in the fight against Chisleton’s local villain, The Scunner Campbell, and his nasty cohorts, Dustin and Muscles; though with Supergran’s miraculous abilities, defeating the baddies is not usually too much of a challenge!

Release Date: 30th May 2011
Dark Angel: The Complete Series
When her father unexpectedly dies, young Maud Ruthyn becomes heiress to a large fortune that is held in trust for her until she comes of age. Romantically obsessed by a youthful, Byronic painting of her Uncle Silas she readily agrees to being placed in his care – ignoring warnings of his behaviour as a known rake, wastrel and opium fiend. Unfortunately for Maud things are not what they seem, and Silas’s benevolent demeanour hides a web of deception and terror.

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