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New titles from Network DVD in May and June

New titles from Network DVD in May and June 2011.

16th May 2011
Funny Man – The late 1920s is not the best time to be in the business of traditional variety entertainment, as audiences flock to the new cinemas opening in every town. But it is amid these inauspicious circumstances that the Gibsons – comedian Alec and his children Davey, Teddy and Kath, and an assortment of charismatic performers – make the move south from their native North East to try to break onto the London circuit. Encountering family tragedy, indifferent audiences and a constant shortage of funds, it’s just as well that Alec Gibson is an obsessive perfectionist, and a man who rarely accepts defeat…

FUNNY MAN was based on the experience of Jimmy Jewel’s father’s company of players in the 1920s and ‘30s.

23rd May 2011
Villains – Bob Hoskins, Martin Shaw, Paul Eddington and David Daker are among the cast of the LWT crime about nine bank-robbers. VILLAINS follows the exploits of nine bank-robbers from the moment of their dramatic escape from imprisonment; told from the point of view of the criminals, the individual stories of the men, their accomplices, their women and the audacious heist itself unfold through each of the 13 episodes.

Nine men move into a disused ladies’ lavatory and seal themselves in for the weekend. Then they tunnel their way up through the floor of a nearby City bank, and walk out clutching a third of a million pounds between them. It seems the perfect job – but something goes wrong.

30th May 2011
Yes Honestly: Complete First Series
Matthew and Lily make a charming young couple, despite their differences and their occasional inability to see eye-to-eye. And although they’re very much in love, they seem to encounter more than their fair share of obstacles and inconveniences, including visits from Lily’s eccentric Russian family and Matt’s dreaded mother, and the perpetual problem of money, or rather the lack of it – not helped when Matthew’s disapproving family decide to cut him off without a shilling…

6th June 2011
Romany Jones: The Complete First Series – On the Buses creators Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe chart the hilarious misadventures of two couples living side by side.

13th June 2011
French Fields: The Complete First Series – Following the success of award-winning series Fresh Fields, William and Hester Fields (Julia McKenzie and Anton Rodgers) move across the Channel to set up home in France.

Cannon and Ball: The Complete Second Series – Oldham welders-turned comedy club legends Cannon and Ball star in their variety entertainment show.

Shelley: The Complete Fifth Series – Hywel Bennett (Pennies from Heaven, EastEnders) stars as the cynical and highly educated skiver James Shelley in this hit ITV sitcom.

The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club: The Complete Fourth Series – The legendary Bernard Manning compares, while fellow stand-up veteran Colin Crompton is ‘Mr Chairman’ at the friendliest working men’s club in the North.

Shadows: The Complete Second Series – Coral Atkins (Emmerdale Farm), Alex McCrindle (Star Wars), Shelagh Fraser (A Family at War), Paul Aston (Thundercloud) and Brian Glover (Campion) star in the second series of the spine-tingling anthology series aimed at younger viewers.

Atmospheric, superbly scripted and filled with the unexpected, between 1975 and 1978 SHADOWS offered psychological and supernatural tales in which characters typically found themselves plunged into strange alternative realities, or encountering ghostly figures from the past – the young protagonists’ otherworldly experiences often playing upon common teenage fears and preoccupations. Among the incredible, otherworldly and creepy tales are stories of:

• An orphaned girl fights her real-life enemies by believing they are figures from her history book.
• A young girl suddenly finds herself in the miniature world of a Victorian doll’s house.
• A downtrodden teenage boy relives the ancient legend of a youth who shared his plight – in reality, or in his imagination?

Among the contributors for this second series are award-winning authors Penelope Lively, Rosemary Harris, Joan Aiken and Susan Cooper. Strongly remembered to this day, SHADOWS is one of the quintessential children’s drama series of the 1970s.

Yesterday’s Dreams: The Complete Series – Judy Loe (Ace of Wands) and Paul Freeman (New Street Law) star in this moving six-part drama. Also featuring strong supporting performances from Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who) and Hugh Fraser (Poirot).

20th June 2011
Within These Walls: The Complete Fourth Series – Googie Withers stars in the original prison drama.

27th June 2011
Heartbeat: The Complete Fourth Series – Nick Berry, Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard star in the multiple award-winning ITV Yorkshire police drama.

The Upper Hand: The Complete Seventh Series – Joe McGann, Diana Weston and Honor Blackman star in the hugely popular ITV sitcom.

27th June 2011
Keep it in the Family: The Complete Second Series – Revisit the chaotic and wonderful household of Dudley and Muriel Rush and their lively, inexpressible daughters in the classic Thames Television comedy.

Moody and Pegg: The Complete Second Series – Feuding flatmates Daphne Pegg and Roland Moody are reunited in this cleverly scripted, bittersweet comedy-drama. Starring Judy Cornwell (Keeping Up Appearances) and Derek Waring (Z Cars).

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