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New titles from Network DVD in July

New titles from Network DVD in July 2011.

4th July 2011
Children’s Ward – The Complete First Series – The show kicks start with a fast – paced, explosive episode; a doctor missing from duty as he is called to a comatosed thirteen year – old girl in a road traffic accident; a seven year – old boy haemorrhaging in the ward who is desperately in need of said doctor’s attention; a schedule to which it is impossible for the Charge Nurse to adhere under the present mayhem and pressure… all of that excitement and taut drama can be viewed here in the award – winning CHILDREN’S WARD – THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES. The series details the trials and tribulations of the lives of the staff and patients of Bolton General Hospital.

Starting life in 1988 as a contribution to the Dramarama anthology, titled Blackbird Singing in The Dead of the Night – which is included in this set as a special feature. CHILDREN’S WARD then goes on and becomes a popular, intelligent and long – running series. Penned by an award – winning group of writers including Paul Abbott (Clocking Off, Shameless) and Kay Mellor (Just Us, Band of Gold), CHILDREN’S WARD deals with difficult topics such as cancer, alcoholism, drug addiction and child abuse with respect, sensitivity and intelligence. The show also features fresh, energetic performances from Chris Bisson (East is East), Tim Vincent (Emmerdale), Rita May (Drop Dead Gorgeous) plus many more. This is a series that is loved by both adults and children alike.

Special Features:

* Dramarama: Blackbird Singing in the Dead of the Night

Harnessing Peacocks – Sir John Mills, Peter Davison and Serena Scott Thomas star in this warm, funny and romantic story of a woman forced to make a new life for herself in a Cornish seaside town.

As a teenager, the beautiful Hebe was disowned by her family after becoming pregnant by a masked stranger during a fiesta in the Italian town of Lucca. Twelve years on, she has established herself as part-time cook, catering to rich old ladies. But Hebe has another source of income: she is a prostitute with a very limited set of wealthy male clients – her “peacocks”. The income from her dual role enables her to send her illegitimate son to boarding school. Then, a mysterious figure enters the network of discreetly intersecting relationships that exists between Hebe, her clients and their families. And he is certain that he recognises her…

Based on Mary Wesley’s bestselling novel, HARNESSING PEACOCKS is adapted by the multi-award-winning Andrew Davies (The Way We Live Now, Bridget Jones’ Diary).

That’s My Boy: The Complete Fourth Series 4 – Sitcom legend Mollie Sugden (Are You Being Served?) stars as Ida Willis, a fear-inspiring housekeeper who finds herself in a rather unusual situation.

For the Love of Ada: The Complete Second Series –
The course of true love seldom runs smooth for any of us, and septuagenarians Walter Bingley and Ada Cresswell are no exception. On a visit to her late husband’s grave, Londoner Ada meets widowed Yorkshireman Walter, the local gravedigger who buried her husband. As romance blossoms, so too does the inevitable emotional turmoil; family disapproval also rears its head, as Ada’s overbearing daughter, Ruth, makes no secret of her initial distaste. Will their relationship survive? And in the age of the permissive society, at what age is one still allowed to be ‘permissive’?

Irene Handl (Metal Mickey) and Wilfred Pickles (Billy Liar) star as two senior citizens who fall in love in this gentle comedy, written by Vince Powell and Harry Driver (Nearest and Dearest, Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width). Produced by Ronnie Baxter (Oh No, It’s Selwyn Froggitt!) and boasting theme music by Ron Grainer, this release contains the complete first series, originally transmitted in 1970.

11th July 2011
The Bill: Volume 5 – The hit ITV police drama.

Second Thoughts: The Complete Second Series – LWT comedy starring James Bolam, Lynda Bellingham, Julia Sawalha and Belinda Lang.

18th July 2011
The Chief: The Complete Fourth Series – Martin Shaw stars in the police procedural drama.

Heartbeat: The Complete Fifth Series – Nick Berry, Derek Fowlds and Bill Maynard star in the multiple award-winning ITV Yorkshire police drama.

25th July 2011
French Fields: The Complete Second Series – Spin-off series from Fresh Fields and following William and Hester Fields as they set up home across the Channel.

No Job for a Lady: The Complete Second Series – Comedy icon Penelope Keith (The Good Life, Executive Stress) stars as Jean Price, a newly elected Labour MP who finds her cherished principles severely tested in the unforgiving world of Westminster.

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