January 23, 2017

The Traitor (1957) from Renown Pictures


Renown’s release for June is THE TRAITOR (aka The Accused) -starring. Anton Diffring, Donald Wolfitt & Christopher Lee This 1957 E.J. Fancey production is quite remarkable. Firstly, it is not a film typical of E.J. Fancey’s output and in many people’s opinion, it is by far their best production. Although there aren’t many location shots, with a good script and a very fine cast, the film works.

It’s a post wartime story of French resistance and a traitor; Anton Diffring is excellent as a concert pianist rather than his usual nasty Nazi and Christopher Lee is very good without his cape and fangs! Mr Wolfit gives a typical Wolfit turn but most interesting is perhaps the director Michael McCarthy, who also wrote the screenplay and passed away in 1959 at the tender age of 42 and seemed well set to go on to bigger and better things. Picture and sound are excellent following restoration.

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