February 28, 2017

Danny Boy (1941) from Renown Pictures

Our release for this month, is DANNY BOY a long awaited film – DANNY BOY 1941 MUSICAL with a beautiful soundtrack starring David Farrar, Wilfred Lawson, Ann Todd & Grant Tyler – Directed by Oswald Mitchell.

A slightly shortened version of a film once thought to be lost, but now restored from a collector’s 16mm print….Lots of traditional old songs, including Love’s Old Sweet Song, Mountains o’ Mourne, If Tears Could Bring You Back and Abide With Me, to induce tears in the unwary. (SKY MOVIES)

Oswald Mitchell co-wrote and directed this 1941 musical Signet Production for Butchers. This was a remake of Oswald’s own 1934 production, a story of Jayne Kaye (Ann Todd), a successful singer in America who returns to Britain during the Blitz to find her ex-husband and son who have fallen on hard times. John Warwick comes across well as the downtrodden but honest father and there is great enthusiasm from the rest of the cast. With some extensive restoration work; we are delighted with the finished result.

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