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New titles from Network DVD in August

New titles from Network DVD in August 2011.

8th August 2011
Maggie and Her: The Complete Series 1 – Fresh Fields’ Julia McKenzie is Maggie, a divorced schoolteacher who lives on her own in a flat in London. Comedy legend and battleaxe Irene Handl is ‘her’ – Maggie’s nosy next-door neighbour, Mrs. P., whose continual presence means that Maggie is never really alone. While Maggie’s hoping that Mr. Right will eventually come along, it seems certain that Mrs. P’s infuriating interventions will ensure the path of true love shall always run rough!

This engaging, highly popular LWT sitcom, was an early success for the BAFTA-nominated Julia McKenzie and this first series set also includes the pilot show, “Poppy and Her”, first broadcast on Yorkshire TV in 1976.

22nd August 2011
Michael Bentine’s Potty Time: The Complete Series 3 – The pages of the great Potty Encyclopaedia are opened once again with thirteen classic episodes of this marvellously madcap puppet series – a favourite of children and adults alike. Created, written and presented by the multi-talented ex-Goon Michael Bentine, Potty Time ran for seven years and was voted into 71st place in Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Kids’ TV Shows poll.

Watch re-enactments of some of the world’s greatest historical events with a unique Potty slant, and learn little-known facts from the venerable Professor Potsworthy – the source of all Potty knowledge. Discover how the Potties of Ancient Britain defended themselves against Viking raiders… revisit the Age of Chivalry, when Knights were bold and battled for a good Potty cause… hear stirring tales from the Potty Pilgrim Fathers, who sailed to a new life on the April-Flower… find out why the Great Wall of China was really built… and a great deal more besides!

29th August 2011
Oh Please Yourselves: Frankie Howerd at ITV-
Some of his most successful shows were produced for ITV, and this set presents six shows transmitted on the network between 1973 and 1991 which reflect an ever-broadening appreciation of his comic genius – from the hugely popular variety shows of the seventies to the enthusiastically received routines on Britain’s university campuses during the early nineties, confirming Frankie Howerd’s status not only as a comedy icon but a cult hero embraced by a generation of young student aficionados.

Featuring guests John Le Mesurier, Sheila Steafel, Kenny Lynch and Norwegian Bond girl Julie Ege, with writing from Johnny Speight, Barry Cryer and Vince Powell, this marvelous collection presents Frankie at his finest.

The Glums: The Complete Series – First introduced in sketches for the BBC’s legendary radio comedy show “Take It From Here”, “The Glums” were reanimated for television by original writers Frank Muir and Denis Norden in this hilarious classic comedy. THE GLUMS – THE COMPLETE SERIES (Cert Tbc) will finally be available to own on DVD in a 2-disc set on 22nd August 2011, RRP £19.99.

Jimmy Edwards reprised his classic role as the bad-tempered, beer-swilling Pa Glum, with Ian Lavender as his brainless son Ron and Patricia Brake as Ron’s long-term, and long-suffering, fiancée, Eth; scripts were based on those of the original radio sketches. This set consists of all eight episodes complete and uncut along with the remaining short sketches that were used in Bruce Forsyth’s Big Night.

The Upchat Collection – TV comedy legends John Alderton and Robin Nedwell (both of the Doctors fame) star in this series of The Upchat comedies, with the 2 stars taking turns playing the character of the eponymous Upchat in both The Upchat Line and The Upchat Connection. THE UPCHAT COLLECTION (Cert. TBC) is available to buy on DVD on 22nd August 2011, RRP £19.99.

Along with his many pseudonyms, the roguishly charming Mike Upchat has a rare ability to pass himself off as the character which best fits any given situation. And since Mike lives out of a left-luggage locker in Marylebone Station, that situation will often require his equally amazing ability to chat his way in and out of any beautiful girl’s life – usually via the bedroom. But if Mike Upchat isn’t the first Mike Upchat, then he probably isn’t the only Mike Upchat…

A playful, inventive sitcom penned by Billy Liar creator Keith Waterhouse, The Upchat Line appeared in 1977, followed swiftly by its equally successful sequel the year after; in a twist ingeniously encompassing Alderton’s departure, Robin Nedwell plays the man who inherits the Upchat persona when Mike raffles the key to his left-luggage locker. Both series are included on this set.

The Cuckoo Waltz: The Complete Series 4 – David Roper and Diane Keen return in this hit Granada sitcom which follows the fortunes of local news reporter Chris Hawthorne and his wife, Fliss. THE CUCKOO WALTZ – THE COMPLETE FOURTH SERIES (PG), is available on DVD on 22nd August 2011, RRP £12.99.

The young couple have always enjoyed life’s more modest pleasures, but face an uphill struggle to make ends meet on Chris’s meagre salary – especially now the twins have reached school age and lodger Gavin Rumsey has left. Enter suave new lodger Adrian Lockett: Fliss and Chris have just lost a life-long friend, and gained a total stranger!

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