January 23, 2017

Piccadilly Third Stop and The Case Of Charles Peace on dvd

Renown Pictures release PICCADILLY THIRD STOP, another long awaited film starring Terence Morgan, Yoko Tani, William Hartnell, John Crawford, Mai Zetterling – Directed by Wolf Rilla

“Rilla’s feature, which came out the same year as his better known ‘Village of the Damned’, is most notable for its thrilling underground sequences..” -Time Out

Wolf Rilla directed this 1960 UK production, it is very well cast with Terence Morgan at his most oiliest as a playboy petty thief looking for the big time, John Crawford as a yank in London comes across well as the bad tempered crook and William Hartnell as the crusty safecracker.

The music by Phillip Green is great 60s jazz which adds to this excellent production, picture and sound are of a high standard following extensive restoration -

Renown also release an excellent example of British directing talent, THE CASE OF CHARLES PEACE, directed by Norman Lee

“….good central performance holds the attention…” Quinlans

The Case of Charles Peace, a 1949 John Argyle Production made at Merton Park Studios, released by Monarch. Lead Michael Martin Harvey, a relative unknown and as a mixture of Robin Hood and the devil, is oddly hypnotic in the role.

This film is based on a true story, nicely directed by Norman Lee and it is a minor gem not because it won awards, had a great cast or a huge budget, but because it’s a small British production that entertains.

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