January 24, 2017

She Knows Y’Know (1962)

Hylda Baker stars in this 1962 Eternal Films comedy. She plays the matriarchal mother of a working class family. She and her husband (Cyril Smith) have a bright but dull son. The Smallhopes a “middle class” family led by Joan Sanderson (Please Sir), have an attractive daughter, but things go astray – as they usually do in this situation. The film is set in the fifties with its coffee bars and earnest pop singers. Enjoy the class wars, a good slice of Britain in that era and Hylda strutting her stuff!

Hylda Baker toured the theatres in the 1950s with her act that usually involved a particularly tall woman called Cythia. Hylda’s most famous catchphrase was She Knows Y’ Know. Cynthia was usually a man in drag and was last played by Mathew Kelly.

Hylda Baker would achieve further success later in her career when she starred as Nellie Pledge alongside Jimmy Jewel in the sitcom Nearest and Dearest and alone (in virtually the same role) as Nellie Pickersgill in Not On Your Nellie in the late 60s and early 70s.

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