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New titles from Network DVD in October

New titles from Network DVD in October 2011.

10th October 2011

A Very Peculiar Practice – The Complete Series
Andrew Davies’ surreal, eccentric yet wildly comedy drama A VERY PECULAR PRACTICE – THE COMPLETE SERIES (15) is available to buy on 10th October 2011. This box set also includes the added bonus of the feature length A Very Polish Practice.

Idealistic doctor Stephen Daker (Peter Davison – At Home with the Braithwaites) takes up a post as a member of a university medical centre. Little does he know that the centre is staffed by the most unlikely group of misfits: Dr. Jock Macannon (Graham Crowden) is a drunk, his colleagues include the radical bisexual Rose Marie (Barbara Flynn) and a squash-obsessed fascist Bob (David Troughton). To top it all off, he is also being haunted by nuns! What little respite for Dr. Daker comes in the form of Police student Lyn Tuttle and his mathematician flatmate Chen Sung Yau. They offer humanity and sensibility when things go haywire – which is often – for Dr. Daker…

The Male of the Species – 3 Plays by Alun Owen
This trilogy of plays introduced by Sir Laurence Olivier and featuring performances from Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Paul Scofield, is a dramatic and controversial study in male behaviour. THE MALE OF THE SPECIES – THREE PLAYS BY ALUN OWEN (Cert. PG) is available to own on 10th October 2011.

Part of ITV’s celebrated anthology series Saturday Night Theatre, MALE OF THE SPECIES was written by Oscar-nominated playwright Alun Owen and originally screened in 1969 to great acclaim, earning Primetime Emmy Awards for both Paul Scofield and Anna Calder-Marshall.

Never trust a man – whoever he is. This is the bitter lesson learned by Mary MacNeil in her relationships with three different men: her father, a mendacious womaniser; a smooth-talking office flirt, Cornelius; and an elderly barrister, Emlyn, who is enchanted by Mary’s youthful vitality and charm. Only one of these men will win her heart in the end…

24th October 2011

London Bridge Volume 1
LONDON BRIDGE (Cert. TBC) was the first ever drama series created specially for the London region, capturing not only the exhilaration and diversity of life in the capital, but also its many darker aspects. LONDON BRIDGE VOL. 1 is available to buy on DVD on 24th October 2011.

A chef, a GP, an artist, a junior barrister and a mini-cab driver are among the characters thrown together under one roof in this late-night soap-style drama serial set in and around the flats and restaurants of a converted Thames-side millhouse. This set contains the first 13 episodes.

The series begins with the discovery of a woman’s body – an event with disturbing consequences for those who live and work in the Millhouse, in particular Mary O’Connor, the victim of a stalker. Meanwhile, junior barrister Ravi is feeling the pressure at work, and the imminent arrival of a baby prompts Nick and Isobel, owners of SE1 restaurant, to consider selling up and moving to the country…

Revelations Volume 1
An early creation of multi-award-winning writer and producer Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who, Queer as Folk), this innovative late-night soap opera traces the secrets, scandals and conflicts of the wealthy family of a Church of England bishop. REVELATIONS VOL. 1 is available to buy on 24th October 2011.

Exploring dramatic and controversial themes close to Davies’ heart, Revelations stars Paul Shelley as the morally flawed Edward Rattigan and Judy Loe as his manipulative wife, Jessica, both of whom have to deal with their troubled son Gabriel, a methadone addict whose homosexuality is a closely guarded secret, and promiscuous daughter Charlie. Lucy Robinson plays Rachel – who enters the turbulent, secretive and often collusive family via marriage to Gabriel, and rapidly finds herself out of her depth in a world in which nothing is ever quite as it appears…

Bognor – The Complete Series (WEB EXCLUSIVE)
Based on the cult mystery novels by author, journalist and royal biographer Tim Heald, David Horovitch stars as a bungling but diligent Department of Trade investigator in this quartet of light-hearted whodunits. BOGNOR: THE COMPLETE SERIES (Cert.TBC) is available in a 4-disc set on 31st October 2011, only from www.networkdvd.co.uk

David Horovitch stars as Simon Bognor, the principal agent of the Special Investigations Dept. of the Board of Trade as he ventures forth to take on wrongdoers wherever they may lurk!

Featuring guest performances from Patrick Troughton, John Le Mesurier, Glynis Barber, Peter Jeffrey and Elizabeth Spriggs, among many others, this set contains all four stories: Unbecoming Habits, Deadline, Lets Sleeping Dogs Lie and Just Desserts.

31st October 2011
It Takes a Worried Man – Series 1
Created by and starring Peter Tilbury IT TAKES A WORRIED MAN – THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES (PG) charts the life of an unfortunate insurance salesman and will be available on 31st October 2011.

Philip Roath is thirty-five. An insurance salesman whose confidence is diminishing as rapidly as his hair and teeth, he’s lazy, self-centred, guilt-ridden and insecure. With an overdraft to support, a boss who vainly tries to get him to work for his salary, an ex-wife who rings periodically to remind him of his inadequacies, and an analyst whose problems dwarf his own, he’s altogether a bit worried…

IT TAKES A WORRIED MAN traces Roath’s uphill struggle to come to terms with his lot. Created by Peter Tilbury – who also stars as the unfortunate Roath – the series built upon the resounding success of Tilbury’s Shelly and Sorry, I’m a Stranger Here Myself, once again showcasing Tilbury’s gift for adroit and keenly observed comic dialogue. This set comprises the complete first series.

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