January 23, 2017

Lynchie24 good ideas on consider specific

Lynchie24 good ideas on consider specific wholesale jerseys ballos

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Looking Ahead at FA and wholesale ray ban sunglasses The Draft

I hope the owners and players reach a new CBA, I don want to imagine what it will be like with no football for a full or even half a season. With that said, I still looking forward to this years draft. The Eagles have a lot of needs on both sides of the ball. Offensive line first, if you going to bring Vick back they have to get a good franchise guy early. I like Mike Pouncey, he big physical and can play several positions on the offensive like, 6 310 lbs, that the kind of big guy the Eagles need on the line. They can also draft Gabe Carimi, he 6 and 325 lbs, he can protect in the pass and rushing game. Though we all know Andy Reid wont be needing him to do that as much, being as though he a pass cheap ray ban sunglasses first coach. It will be nice to have a buy like him push pack defenders and give Vick time in the pocket to do get the ball down field to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Other than that don see anyone else the can pick, maybe DeMarcus Love, at any rate they need to shore up that offensive line. The Eagles know what and so do the fans, when you bench your starter one that you picked in the second round for King Dunlap, that shows you know you have problems.

On the cheap wholesale ray ban sunglasses defense like I said they need help there too, Stewart Bradley isn that guy in the middle, I like how Jamar Chaney played in his absence. Maybe keep him in the middle and move Bradley to SAM, they also need another guy opposite Cole. Brandon Graham injury takes a long time for a player to fully come back from that, so they need to find Cole some help. Parker did well but he wasn consistent, that why they need to find someone in the draft or FA, if there isn a lock out. The secondary they can find guys in the draft, you have Janoris Jenkins, Aaron Williams, Brandon Harris, it would be nice if they can Prince Akumara, or Patrick Peterson, as I said I doubt Eagles reach that high. There are some good second round prospects like Davon House from New Mexico State, and Jimmy Smith which can go late first round early second, perfect spot for the Eagles since they pick 23rd. Then there Nnmadi Asomugha floating out there, the Eagles definitely have choices if they willing to spend the money. I also shoot for Albert Haynesworth, I think the Redskins will let him go, he be a good fit here since he doesn like to play the 34 defense.

The Eagles need run stoppers on defense bigger more physical guys, they are too small on defense and as a team. Reid and the coaching staff has to realize these small speedy guys aren working. Time to retool and reevaluate everyone and everything, other teams coaches have figured out how to expose and exploit their weaknesses on both sides of the ball, Andy needs to wake up and realize things have to change. This year draft is key because last year they ignored the offensive line and we all saw where that got them, another early exit out of the playoffs. They need to find wholesale cheap ray ban sunglasses a way to fix that via FA or draft.

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