January 21, 2017

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s endorsement debate hots up as Team India exits World Cup 2007

This SMS joke best captures the cynicism and anger of cricket fans across the country. Within hours of India’s shameful exit from the World Cup, this message was circulating across the country. Are the fans justified? That is a separate debate but the perception definitely is that cricketers are sacrificing cricket at the cheap authentic nhl jerseys altar of crass commercialism. According to a recent study, sportspersons had the maximum, 58 per cent share in celebrity endorsed advertising on TV in 2006 with new kids like Mahendra Singh Dhoni hogging the limelight with 15 brands in his endorsement basket. Even though he is a junior player, Dhoni gets a retainer fee of Rs 30 lakh per annum from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as a B Grade player. In 2006, even an introvert Rahul Dravid endorsed 12 brands, appeared in 22 creatives and got 6,48,637 secondages on TV.

From being a religion, cricket in India has become a Rs 1,500 crore business and riding this wave are cricketers. In the runup karl malone jersey to the ICC World Cup, while other teams were strategising and focusing on the crucial championship, the calendars of the Indian squad were choc abloc with endorsement appointments. From launching colas to jerseys, the Indian team was seen mostly at brand promotion events,discount nhl jerseys, rather than the practice nets. Those who didn’t have too john wall jersey many brands chasing them were busy giving interviews on TV. Sourav Ganguly was walking his talk for a channel on February 26. As the team landed on Caribbean shores, India XI’s victory over Windies in a warm up match further fuelled the hype. It seemed like a dream unfolding,cheap authentic nhl jerseys 419, almost like the commercials they shot. But joakim noah jersey reality has a way of catching up. In less than a fortnight, their posters were targets for angry fans’ footwear and tar. It took very little time for the special edition World Cup cola, Pepsi Gold,discount nhl jerseys, to disappear from shop shelves. Commercials featuring cricketers have been replaced with Bollywood’s evergreens and some like Microsoft haven’t even bothered to formally launch their products (Yuvraj Singh Xbox 360).

It’s perhaps time for Dravid and his boys to note that for them cricket should be the end and not a means to an end. Defending the ambassadors of this cricket capitalism, sports marketing and talent management companies are going blue in their faces screaming from the rooftops that endorsements have little to do with failure on the pitch. That may be so. But the team’s preoccupation with corporate commitments when they should have been training does seem to have impacted their performance. In the week before the tournament they were shuttling between cameras when their competitors were sweating at the nets. Indeed,nfl jerseys cheap 017, many were doing multiple shoots. Videocon Chairman and Managing Director Venugopal Dhoot says the company has shot several campaigns with Dhoni and Dravid before they left for the tim duncan jersey West Indies in March. It might take a Duckworth Lewis to arrive at the inverse correlation between Dhoni’s performance and his endorsement deals but few will dispute there is a connect. Says Ratnakar Shetty, BCCI’s administrative officer: “Normally, there is a camp for 10 days before a tour. However, since the team had been playing so much there was no camp.” The only team activity before the World Cup organised by the BCCI was the launch of the official World Cup kit with Nike. Compare this with nhl jersey history global best practices. Eight weeks before the National Football League in the US, players are put into camp and not even allowed to meet their spouses. It is not different in cricket. The Aussie team was put on a “loading and tapering programme” by its coach and fitness coordinator in the runup to the World Cup even as they played the one day series against the Kiwis. On the face of it, Indian cricketers need to devote five to six days to a brand for shooting commercials or promoting the product and it would seem not such a big price for a secure future. After all, they have put a few years of sunshine before stumps. But the equation gets lopsided by the sheer volume of the deals being signed. kobe bryant jersey The top five players have around 10 products each which means they are off the wicket for at least 60 days a year. And when it happens to be before a crit ical championship, it is bound to take the focus away from the game. Tendulkar, for instance, andre iguodala jersey struck two mega deals last year with two companies, which would manage his endorsements in India and abroad. He has reportedly signed a Rs 180 crore deal with Iconix, the sports management arm of ad agency Saatchi Saatchi. The deal will give Iconix the right to manage Tendulkar’s association with different brands in India for a period of three years. As far as marketing deals with Indian celebrities go, this is clearly the mother of all, as it guarantees Tendulkar endorsement deals worth at least Rs 54 crore a year. Iconix gets a percentage of the total endorsements as its fee. Tendulkar has another deal with World Sporting Group, for nfl custom jerseys his international rights. His asking price is approximately Rs 3 crore for a one year contract with a single brand. Explaining the cricket icon’s tremendous popularity with custom nfl jerseys the brands, Saatchi Saatchi India CEO V. Shantakumar,discount nhl jerseys, says: “Tendulkar is not merely a sports star, he is what is called a love mark, a celebrity who inspires irrational loyalty.” Nobody would grudge the Little Master his prosperity but when the team fails, it is the stars that get shot down first.

With cricket being the only sport in India, corporates have been betting more and more money on players. It is estimated that about Rs 370 crore was directly riding on these men through advertising spots that media buying agencies bought on behalf of their clients from Sony Entertainment. TV has converted cricket from a sport into a business opportunity. Of course, Sony has been left with an inventory worth Rs 80 crore, which it was holding back and which will end up as a loss for the channel.

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