February 23, 2017

12 Amazing Google Tricks You Should Know About

12 cheap ray bans Amazing Google Tricks You Should Know About

Two Places at the Same Time!You can login into two accounts at the same time using the Incognito mode in Google.

Google, as a search engine, has changed the landscape of Internet search. So much so, that cheap fake ray bans the word ‘Google’ has entered the mainstream as a verb. If you can’t find it, you can google it to know more. The developers at Googleplex always strive to devise software that’s more amazing and more user friendly than the competition is offering. But Google also has a sense of humor and isn’t just complex codes and algorithms.

Like a teenager, it dabbles in playing pranks. On special occasions, it spreads hoaxes, all the while promoting itself. Since we are still laughing at the hilarious outcome, take a look at these hidden Easter eggs that will give you a chuckle or two, and might surprise even the most frequent web surfer.

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Earlier, clicking on this particular button on the Google page led you to the first relevant result. Since then, Google has upgraded it to feature a variety of options. From I’m Feeling Trendy, which keeps you updated with the current events around the world to I’m Feeling Doodley, which lets you enjoy the number of doodles Google has created over the years commemorating some special occasions. Other cheap wholesale ray ban sunglasses than the two mentioned, if you replica ray ban sunglasses hover your cursor over the I’m Feeling Lucky button, the various options rotate like a slot machine until it rests on a certain option. Each of the options fake ray ban sunglasses directs you to a website characteristic of its name. It works on major browsers but only on the US based Google website.

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