February 23, 2017

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‘We are still getting married on Saturday’,
crimes against humanity game

NEAR SEATTLE A couple less than a week from their wedding are two of 39 people without a home this week after a three alarm fire destroyed much of their apartment building in South Seattle Sunday.

But the couple is not without hope.

Somewhere in the soot, burnt to a crisp in what’s left of her apartment, is her daughter’s purple bridesmaid dress; all the favors for the wedding party; maria’s new white shoes; her jewelry, and an engraved pocket watch for her future husband.

“(It said) ‘my heart belongs to you,
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The wedding rehearsal, the dinner and party are all canceled,
places that sell cards against humanity, but the blaze messed with the wrong bride in one way: She moved her dress days before the fire to hide it from her fiance. It is one of the only things that escaped.

“Everybody in that building has a story like ours,” she said. “They were already low income apartments,
cards against humanity sale, so the people living there it was all we had we had. No savings what nice stuff we had was all that we had,” she said.

Carpena says the wedding rings she and her fiance Tom will exchange on Saturday were also saved with the dress.

In the meantime, King County fire investigators will meet Tuesday morning with the building’s owners Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission to decide how to proceed. The building so far has been unsafe for crews to enter to determine what caused the fire.

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