February 21, 2017

Fun on the big screen Big February Weekend Starting Tomorrow

Romance, drama and comedy is what national cinemas will offer starting today. For the little ones at home the fun comes with the fantastic adventures of Lego Batman. You can not miss it!

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades Darker,” the second chapter based on the bestseller that has become a worldwide literary phenomenon “Fifty Shadows.”

When a wounded Christian Gray tries to lure the cautious Ana Steele back into her life, she demands a new deal before giving her another chance.

This is how the two begin to build a relationship of trust and stability; However, dark shadows of Christian’s past are chasing the couple, threatening to destroy the hopes of a future together.

With the same irreverent and fun spirit of “LEGO Films” (2014), this spin-off focuses on the character of Batman and the universe of superhero DC Comics, from the perspective of the well-known toy company.

On this occasion, the irreverent Batman, who also has some frustrated artist, will try to save the city of Gotham from a dangerous villain, the Joker. But you can not do it alone, and you will have to learn to work with your other allies.

Second World War. Desmond Doss is a young man against violence, he joins the US Army. With the aim of serving as a doctor during the war.

After facing the military authorities and a trial for his refusal to wield a weapon, he achieves his goal and is sent to the Japanese front.

Received with suspicion by all the battalion during the wild capture of Okinawa, Desmond decides to play the life in the worst conditions, proving its value in saving to 75 wounded men, with which it obtains the respect of the soldiers. .

In the middle of a millionaire robbery, the adventurous Leo knows the love of his life, the attractive Ana. From that moment their lives will have an unexpected turn caused by an accident where Leo loses his memory.Watch Fifty Shades Darker Full movie

Risky and amusing situations trigger confusion and doubts about the whereabouts of money. In the end, in a moment of suspense and action, the couple will face the dilemma of deciding between money and love.

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