February 28, 2017


Beat Girl – 1959 | 85 mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Beat Girl

Exploitive censor-baiting beatnik drama that attempts to mix the beat generation of the late Fifties with a juvenile-delinquency storyline. Veteran Frenchman Edmond T Greville directs this low-budget curio which has dated terribly but is fascinating today partly for the excruciating cool jive talk and the sheer lascivious of its content. There’s also the swinging sound of the John Barry Seven and a first film appearance from Adam Faith. The cast is extremely impressive for such a feature, including leading lady Gillian Hills, David Farrar, Christopher Lee, Shirley Ann Field, Carol White and Nigel Greene.

Resentful teenager, Jennifer (Gillian Hills), spoilt daughter of a neglectful middleclass father (David Farrar) who has remarried to a gorgeous young French woman ‘with a past’, Nichole (Noelle Adam), decides to rebel by playing juke-box records and mixing with unsavoury Beatniks in the seamy world of London’s Soho jazz clubs. When Nichole shows up at the Off-Beat cafe, Jennifer’s favourite beatnik hangout, the young girl is embarrassed by all the attention friends like musician Dave (Adam Faith) shower upon the stepmother.

As Nichole leaves, a stripper from the nearby Les Girls Club seems to recognize her, and this gives Nichole the opportunity to expose Nichole’s past to her respected father. Jennifer is curious about the Les Girls strip joint, so one evening sneaks in to question Nichole’s former stripper friend, Greta. The suavely sinister strip-club owner, Kenny (Christopher Lee), tries to seduce Jennifer but this vexes his jealous former lover.

Production Team

Edmond T Gréville: Director
Elven Webb: Art Direction
Walter Lassally: Cinematography
Gordon Pilkington: Film Editing
Sidney Turner: Makeup Department
Anne Box: Makeup Department
John Barry: Original Music
George Willoughby: Producer
Dail Ambler: Script
JB Smith: Sound Department
Gerry Turner: Sound Department
AW Watkins: Sound Department
Cyril Swern: Sound Department


David Farrar: Paul Linden
Noëlle Adam: Nichole
Christopher Lee: Kenny
Gillian Hills: Jennifer
Adam Faith: Dave
Shirley Anne Field: Dodo
Peter McEnery: Tony
Claire Gordon: Honey
Oliver Reed: Plaid Shirt

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