February 22, 2017


Blue Murder at St Trinian’s – 1957 | 86 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Blue Murder at St. Trinian's

Further adventures of the demon schoolgirls, now grown up into, well, big schoolgirls. The infamous schoolgirls of St. Trinianís take their unique brand of destructive comic mayhem to the European mainland when they set off on a trip to Italy.

St. Trinianís school headmistress Miss Fritton (Alastair Sim) is in jail, and the school is surrounded by police and army troops in an attempt to control the wayward pupils, yet salvation is provided when the girls cheat at a competition which wins them a prize outing to Rome. Coming along for the ride is Lionel Jeffries as a jewel thief disguising himself as a St. Trinianís mistress to evade the police. You know the routine, the jewels somehow get into a water polo ball, Joyce Grenfell is an undercover policewomen, Terry-Thomas a shady coach operator taking the girls on their trip, and Sabrina one of the more mature young ladies; jolly hockey-sticks all round.

Production Team

Frank Launder: Director
Allan Harris: Art Direction
Leslie Gilliat: Associate Producer
Gerald Gibbs: Cinematography
Geoffrey Foot: Editing
Harold Fletcher: Makeup Department
Malcolm Arnold: Original Music
Frank Launder: Producer
Sidney Gilliat: Producer
Frank Launder: Script
Sidney Gilliat: Script
Val Valentine: Script


George Cole: Flash Harry
Terry-Thomas: Romney
Joyce Grenfell: Sergeant Gates
Lionel Jeffries: Joe Mangan
Alastair Sim: Miss Fritton
Sabrina: Virginia
Lloyd Lamble: Superintendent
Raymond Rollett: Chief Constable
Terry Scott: Police Sergeant

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