February 26, 2017


Cairo Road – 1950 | 88 mins | Crime, Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Cairo Road

Mundane crime-drama shot in a documentary-style, and for a low-budget second feature, surprising using some location sequences in Cairo and Port Said. Eric Portman’s perceptive performance stands head and shoulders above the rest of the cast, but there’s also an early appearance from scene-stealing Laurence Harvey.

Cairo, 1950 The Cairo City Police takes the fight against the dope smugglers to the Egyptian capital. Police chief Col. Youssef Bey (Eric Portman) and his eager assistant Lt. Mourad (Laurence Harvey) are laying traps for the traffickers along the frontiers.

Production Team

David MacDonald: Director
Duncan Sutherland: Art Direction
Oswald Morris: Cinematography
Jacques Heim: Costume Design
Peter Taylor: Film Editing
Eric Aylott: Makeup Department
Doris Porter: Makeup Department
Robert Gill: Original Music
Maxwell Setton: Producer
Aubrey Baring: Producer
Robert Westerby: Script
Harry Benson: Sound
Stan Jolly: Sound


Marne Maitland: Gohari
John Gregson: Coast Guardsman
John Bailey: Doctor
Martin Boddey: Maj. Ahmed Mustafa
Karel Stepanek: Edouardo Pavlis
Gregoire Aslan: Lombardi
Harold Lang: Rico Pavlis
Camelia: Anna Michelis
Maria Mauban: Marie
Laurence Harvey: Lt. Mourad
Eric Portman: Col. Youssef Bey

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