February 26, 2017


Captain Clegg – 1962 | 82 mins | Adventure | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Captain Clegg

Adapted from the Russell Thorndike novel, Dr Syn, Hammer’s Captain Clegg, was a somewhat horrific pirate adventure about smuggling in the Romney Marshes by celebrated pirate Captain Clegg and his men. The story has been filmed twice previously, in 1937 by Gaumont-British, starring George Arliss and Margaret Lockwood, and was released in the same year as this version by Walt Disney with Patrick McGoohan in the title role

Set back in the 18th-century, a pirate disguises himself as the benign village vicar of Dymchurch, Doctor Blyss (Peter Cushing), whilst carrying out his pirate activities under the alias of Captain Clegg. Clegg’s henchmen are dubbed the ‘Marsh Phantoms’; they are capable of scaring off the locals, disguising a look-out as a scarecrow, conveying contraband alcohol in hearses, and generally adding a grotesque note to rural normality. Captain Collier (Patrick Allen) is the English officer charged with the task of exposing the smuggling ring, and his suspicions become aroused by a mute agitated by a face from his past.

Production Team

Peter Graham Scott: Director
Don Mingaye: Art Direction
Arthur Grant: Cinematography
Molly Arbuthnot: Costume Department
James Needs: Editing
Eric Boyd-Perkins: Editing
Frieda Steiger: Makeup Department
Roy Ashton: Makeup Department
Don Banks: Original Music
John Temple-Smith: Producer
Bernard Robinson: Production Design
Anthony Hinds: Script
Jock May: Sound
Terry Poulton: Sound


Peter Cushing: Rev Dr Blyss
Patrick Allen: Captain Collier
Oliver Reed: Harry Cobtree
Michael Ripper: Jeremiah Mipps
Martin Benson: Mr Rash
Yvonne Romain: Imogene Clegg
David Lodge: Navy Bos\’un

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