February 23, 2017


Carry On Follow That Camel – 1967 | 95mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Carry On Follow That Camel

Originally released under the title Follow That Camel, Carry On Follow That Camel is a disappointing historical parody of the Beau Geste-style movies, a bevy of bloodthirsty Bedouins and a troupe of Legionnaires getting the hump! The central role was originally written with the leading light, Sid James, in mind, but a minor heart attack kept Sid out of action. In the hope of catapulting the series onto the international market, pressure was put on the producers for an American star name for the lead role. The fact that Phil Silvers was cast neither helped nor hindered the film’s British business but, more importantly, failed to ignite the series in America once again.

An English gentleman, Bertram Oliphant West (Jim Dale), accused of behaving badly at cricket, joins the Foreign Legion to regain his honour, taking along with him his ever-faithful servant Simpson (Peter Butterworth). In this legion are conniving Sergeant Nocker (Phil Silvers) and Germanic Commandant Burger (Kenneth William), while Lady Jane Ponsonby (Angela Douglas) is the English rose discovering the facts of life whilst pursuing Bertram.

Reviewę Robert Ross: Carry On Companion.

Production Team

Gerald Thomas: Director
Alex Vetchinsky: Art Direction
Alan Hume: Cinematography
Emma Selby-Walker: Costume Department
Alfred Roome: Editing
Eric Rogers: Original Music
Peter Rogers: Producer
Talbot Rothwell: Script
Ken Barker: Sound
Gordon K McCallum: Sound
Dudley Messenger: Sound
Wally Nelson: Sound


Phil Silvers: Sergeant Nocker
Kenneth Williams: Commandant Burger
Angela Douglas: Lady Jane Ponsonby
Charles Hawtrey: Captain Le Pice
Joan Sims: Zig Zig
Jim Dale: Bertram Oliphant West
Peter Butterworth: Simpson
Bernard Bresslaw: Abdul

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