February 27, 2017


Carry On Loving – 1970 | 89mins | Comedy | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Carry On Loving

This virtually plotless movie is simply a collection of knowing sexually-geared comic sketches linked by the dubious Wedded Bliss Agency run by Sid James and Hattie Jacques. They are a suspicious and, in Sid’s case, continually unfaithful ‘wedded’ couple; the marriage is a sham to impress the marriage agency punters. Sid and Hattie feed customers details into a fake computer, and the usual happy roster of Carry On regulars throw themselves into this blind-dating farce. The backbone of the comedy is Kenneth Williams, unmarried and unknowing guidance counsellor, whilst Terry Scott links the established gang with the fresh intake of younger performers, tackling the tongue-in-cheek humour of the romantic lead.

Bumbling around the outer circle of these amorous goings-on are a handful of other team members, stuck in brief but outstanding comic cameos notably big Bernard Bresslaw, turning on the snorting and snarling evil for his overtly jealous wrestler. Charles Hawtrey snoops around in a series of awful disguises, having been hired by Hattie to spy on that rogue of rogues, Sid James.

Reviewę Robert Ross: Carry On Companion.

Production Team

Gerald Thomas: Director
Lionel Couch: Art Direction
Ernest Steward: Cinematography
Courtenay Elliott: Costume Department
Alfred Roome: Editing
Stella Rivers: Makeup Department
Geoffrey Rodway: Makeup Department
Eric Rogers: Original Music
Peter Rogers: Producer
Talbot Rothwell: Script
Ken Barker: Sound Department
JWN Daniel: Sound Department


Kenneth Williams: Percival Snooper
Sid James: Sidney Bliss
Terry Scott: Terence Philpot
Charles Hawtrey: James Bedsop
Joan Sims: Esme Crowfoot
Hattie Jacques: Sophie
Richard O’Callaghan: Bertie Muffet
Jacki Piper: Sally Martin
Bernard Bresslaw: Gripper Burke

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