February 25, 2017


Cash on Demand – 1961 | 82 mins | Crime, Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Cash on Demand

Cash on Demand was one of Hammer’s best non-horror subjects. Scripted by Lewis Greifer and David T. Chantler from the play by Jacques Gillies, the compelling little thriller is tautly directed by Quentin Lawrence, who makes the most of the restricted settings and the inevitably low budget. Cash on Demand was inexplicably held back for a couple of years before quietly doing duty as a second feature, principally no doubt because of its short (66 minute) running time.

It stars Peter Cushing in one of his rare non-horror roles as a stuffy suburban bank manager who gets taken in by a high class robber (Andre Morell) posing as an insurance investigator. Cushing is forced to empty the vaults for the man who holds his family hostage. Driven by excellent performances from Cushing, Morell and supporting player Richard Vernon, the film is told entirely without direct violence yet thick with the claustrophobic atmosphere of menace and tense confrontation.

Production Team

Quentin Lawrence: Director
Don Mingaye: Art Direction
Arthur Grant: Cinematography
Eric Boyd-Perkins: Editing
Roy Ashton: Makeup Department
Wilfred Josephs: Original Music
Michael Carreras: Producer
Bernard Robinson: Production Design
Lewis Greifer: Script
David T Chantler: Script
Jock May: Sound Department
Alban Streeter: Sound Department


Peter Cushing: Fordyce
Andre Morell: Hepburn
Richard Vernon: Pearson
Norman Bird: Sanderson
Barry Lowe: Harvill
Kevin Stoney: Detective Inspector Mason

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