February 24, 2017


Cat and Mouse – 1958 | 79 mins | Crime, Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Cat and Mouse

Adapted from a novel by John Creasey, this off-beat b-movie thriller was written, produced and directed by acclaimed British documentary maker, Paul Rotha. He evokes a strong sense of atmosphere,particularly in his London exterior scenes, as well as a good deal of tension in the climax. American import Lee Patterson gives one of his best performances as the ruthless American army deserter.

Following the death of her mother, naive spinster Ann Coltby (Ann Sears) is unexpectedly called to the home of blackmailer Mr. Scruby (Hilton Edwards). Scruby claims to have been an accomplice of Ann’s father, a diamond thief hanged for murder, and knowing the stolen jewels were never sold or recovered – he demands to know where the diamonds are and a fifty-percent share of their sale. In the ensuing melee, Ann knocks Scruby to the ground and is led to believe she killed him by American GI deserter Rod Fenner (Lee Patterson).

Fenner overhears about the diamonds. He drugs Ann, and whilst she’s sleeping he murders the unconscious Scruby and allows the young spinster to believe she is the perpetrator. When the police appear investigating into the death of Scruby, Fenner coshes a young police constable and flees with an unwitting Ann to hold up at her home. The smooth-talking Fenner soon shows his true colours, holding Ann captive and demanding to know the whereabouts of the stolen diamonds. Meanwhile, police Supt. Harding (Victor Maddern) is on the trail of the pair but is hindered the fact his only witness also forgetful.

Production Team

Paul Rotha: Director
Tony Inglis: Art Direction
Wolfgang Suschitzky: Cinematography
Paul Rotha: Producer
Paul Rotha: Script
Ken Cameron: Sound Department


Lee Patterson: Rod Fenner
Ann Sears: Ann Coltby
Victor Maddern: Supt Harding
Hilton Edwards: Mr Scruby

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