February 27, 2017


Chase a Crooked Shadow – 1957 | 87mins | Mystery, Thriller | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Chase a Crooked Shadow

Chase a Crooked Shadow is a ridiculously mystifying vintage thriller that succeeds in holding the viewers attention through a succession of adroit plot twists until a totally unexpected conclusion.

Returning to her Costa Brava villa, a recuperating neurotic heiress, Kim (Anne Baxter), fears for her sanity and her safety when a man (Richard Todd) arrives at her home claiming to be her long-lost brother. Her father had committed suicide and the year before her brother was killed in a car accident. The impostorís act is so convincing that the police chief (Herbert Lom) does not take her worries seriously. When her sinister uncle (Alexander Knox) also accepts the stranger, the heiress suspects that she and her diamonds are the target of a conspiracy.

Production Team

Michael Anderson: Director
Paul Sheriff : Art Direction
Erwin Hillier: Cinematography
Anthony Mendleson: Costume Design
Gordon Pilkington: Editing
AG Scott: Makeup Department
Jim Hydes: Makeup Department
Matyas Seiber: Original Music
Thomas Clyde: Producer
Douglas Fairbanks Jr: Producer
Charles Sinclair: Script
David D Osborn: Script
Herbert J Bird: Sound
AW Lumkin: Sound
Len Shilton: Sound


Richard Todd: Williams/Ward McKenzie Prescott Jr
Anne Baxter: Kimberley Prescott
Herbert Lom: Police Commissar Vargas
Faith Brook: Elaine Whitman
Alexander Knox: Chandler Brisson
Alan Tilvern: Carlos
Thelma D’Aguilar: Maria

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