February 26, 2017


Corridors of Blood – 1958 | 86 mins | Crime, Horror, Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Corridors of Blood

Corridors of Blood is a gruesome costume chiller about a 19th-century drug-addicted doctor who falls into the hands of blackmailing grave robbers. Boris Karloff’s sympathetic performance is excellent and Christopher Lee makes a brief but superbly stylish appearance as a softly-spoken villain. Geoffrey Faithfull’s fitting black-and-white photography conjures up an atmospheric recreation of Victorian London.

Set in the 1840s. In an effort to relieve the suffering of surgery patients, compassionate Dr. Thomas Bolton (Boris Karloff) painstakingly develops an opium-based anaesthetic, to which he gradually becomes addicted. Believing he has discovered a suitable anaesthetic, Bolton performs a demonstration of his gas in an operating theatre full of fellow physicians and students. Unexpectedly, the gas wears off too soon and the patient comes round during the operation and leaps from the operating table, attempting to attack the audience.

The disgraced Bolton is subsequently dismissed from his position at the hospital as the drugs begin to have an adverse affect his surgery. Bolton becomes desperate for the drugs that he no longer has no access to. In the seedy Severn Dials tavern, he meets shady gravediggers Black Ben (Francis De Wolff) and Resurrection Joe (Christopher Lee), who offer to supply him with drugs in exchange for the use of his signature on phoney death certificates so they may sell corpses to the local hospital.

Production Team

Robert Day: Director
Anthony Masters: Art Direction
Geoffrey Faithfull: Cinematography
Peter Mayhew: Film Editing
Wally Schneiderman: Makeup Department
Eileen Warwick: Makeup Department
Buxton Orr: Original Music
John Croydon: Producer
Jean Scott Rogers: Script
Maurice Askew: Sound Department
Cyril Swern: Sound Department


Boris Karloff: Dr Thomas Bolton
Betta St John: Susan
Finlay Currie: Supt Matheson
Francis Matthews: Jonathan Bolton
Adrienne Corri: Rachel
Francis De Wolff: Black Ben
Basil Dignam: Chairman
Frank Pettingell: Mr Blount
Carl Bernard: Ned, The Crow
Marian Spencer: Mrs Matheson
Nigel Green: Inspector Donovan
John Gabriel: Baker, the Dispenser
Howard Lang: Chief Inspector
Yvonne Romain: Rosa
Christopher Lee: Resurrection Joe

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