February 22, 2017


Crackerjack – 1938 | 78 mins | Comedy, Thriller | B&W


Plot Synopsis


Fast-paced Gainsborough comedy-thriller vehicle for Aldwych farceur Tom Walls directed by Albert de Courville.

England is thrilled by the written exploits of "Crackerjack" in his bestselling book, an anonymous modern day Robin Hood with a hundred faces that robs the rich and gives to the poor. Flying to England on a cross-channel plane is millionaire Morella, foppish gent Jack Drake (Crackerjack) and Scotland Yard Inspector Benting. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the passengers turn out to be American crooks, and force the pilot to land, after relieving Morella of most of his valuable diamonds. Unbeknownst to the crooks, Crackerjack had already relieved Morella of his diamonds and replaced them with fake substitutes.

Once in London, Crackerjack (Tom Walls) and his valet Burdge (Charles Heslop) move into a plush London hotel with the intention of robbing the establishments safe, but after making a promise to quickly fund a children’s charity, the gentleman thief attends a big society gala in disguise and steals the famous Humbold pearls. After Crackerjack has departed, the party is held up by the same American gang led by ‘Sculpie’, and in the ruckus a man is killed. Crackerjack finds he has been held responsible for the murder, framed by the dangerous gang using his name to cover their own exploits.

Meanwhile, Crackerjack finds himself staying at the same hotel as old flame the Baroness von Haltze (Lilli Palmer), who is secretly in love with him. The Baroness gets involved with the gang and Sculpie, and not realising Jack Drake is Crackerjack, suggests that they try to entrap him!

Production Team

Albert de Courville: Director
Walter W Murton: Art Direction
Jack E Cox: Cinematography
R Wilson: Editing
Louis Levy: Music Direction
Edward Black: Producer
Michael Pertwee: Script
AR Rawlinson: Script
Basil Mason: Script
A O’Donoghue: Sound Department


Tom Walls: Jack Drake
Lilli Palmer: Baroness Von Haltz
Noel Madison: Sculpie
Leon M Lion: Hambro Golding
Edmund Breon: Tony Davenport
Jack Lester: Boyne
Charles Heslop: Burdge

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