February 24, 2017


Crooks in Cloisters – 1963 | 98 mins | Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Crooks in Cloisters

Made in glorious TechniColour, this lively British comedy stars Ronald Fraser as the boss of a gang of forgers, after pulling off a small train robbery, Little Walter (Fraser) and his gang decide to hide out on a remote Cornish island in a deserted monastery disguised as monks. After a few initial setbacks, they slowly adjust to their new contemplative life of tending animals and crops, surviving the added tribulations of visits by a group of tourists and some authentic monks. This new pastoral existence soon turns out to be much to the gangs liking, with a return to a life of crime seemingly less appealing by the day. But a local constable has his suspicions aroused by the gambling habits of one of the brothers, and their cover is blown.

Production Team

Jeremy Summers: Director
Harry Waxman: Cinematography
Ann Chegwidden: Editing
Don Banks: Original Music
Gordon Scott: Producer
TJ Morrison: Script
Mike Watts: Script


Ronald Fraser: Walt
Barbara Windsor: Bikini
Bernard Cribbins: Squirts
Davy Kaye: Specs
Wilfrid Brambell: Phineas
Melvyn Hayes: Willy
Gregoire Aslan: Lorenzo

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