February 27, 2017


Crown V Stevens – 1936 | 66mins | Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Crown V Stevens

Doris Stevens commits a murder and then tries to poison her husband, involving his employee Jansen who was a witness to the earlier crime. Jansen saves Stevens and persuades Doris to give herself up to the police.

Following his roles in The Brown Wallet and now, Crown v Stevens star Patric Knowles was soon to follow the same route out to Hollywood as that taken by Errol Flynn, who had been recommended to Jack Warner by Irving Asher after making one British quota picture, Murder in Monte Carlo (1935). Fulfilling one of the ‘indirect’ aims of the British film units of the major American companies Asher now ‘discovered’ Knowles and later Ian Hunter, both of whom would appear with Flynn in Warner Brothers’ Hollywood production of The Adventures of Robin Hood in 1938.

Crown v Stevens, meanwhile, gave smaller roles to Googie Withers and Glennis Lorimer, whose chief claim to fame was as ‘The Gainsborough Lady’ in the opening logo of that studio’s films. Powell recalled Beatrix Thomson – the heroine/bad girl of the story – as ‘a very good actress’ who was ‘fantastically good in this, but that was all it had’.

Production Team

Michael Powell: Director
Peter Proud: Art Direction
Basil Emmott: Cinematography
Bert Bates: Editing
Irving Asher: Producer
Brock Williams: Script
Leslie Murray: Sound
HC Pearson: Sound


Beatrice Thomson: Doris Stevens
Patric Knowles: Chris Jansen
Reginald Purdell: Alf
Glennis Lorimer: Molly
Allan Jeayes: Inspector Carter
Frederick Piper: Arthur Stevens
Googie Withers: Ella
Mabel Poulton: Mamie
Morris Harvey: Julius Bayleck
Billy Watts: Joe Andrews
Davina Craig: Maggie
Bernard Miles: Detective

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