February 27, 2017


Danger Route – 1967 | 92 mins | Thriller, Adventure | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Danger Route

Convoluted and overly confusing espionage adventure from horror connoisseurs Amicus. Adapted from Andrew York’s novel The Eliminator, the vague script with its hesitant plot aims to replicate the excitement and action of the Bond films but fails spectacularly.

World-weary British government agent Jonas Wilde (Richard Johnson) is assigned his handler, Canning (Harry Andrews), to kill a top Soviet scientist who has defected to the West. He is to assassinate bio-chemist Balin whilst he spends two days at a country house in Dorset before making the final leg of his trip to America. Little does Wilde realise that this isnít a genuine secret service mission and that he is being manipulated by double agents.

Wilde gains entry to the country house by seducing housekeeper Rhoda (Diana Dors) at a nearby pub and persuades her to allow him to spend the night with her; once inside Wilde awaits the arrival of Balin and the CIA. Despite his best attempts slip away after completing his assignment, Wilde fails to evade capture by the CIA He eventually creates a diversion and escapes from the country house and returns to Jersey to meet up with fellow agent Brian Stem (Gordon Jackson). Events now go out of kilter when the government double-agents begin to reveal themselves.

Production Team

Seth Holt: Director
Don Mingaye: Art Direction
Harry Waxman: Cinematography
Oswald Hafenrichter: Film Editing
John Mayer: Original Music
Milton Subotsky: Producer
Max Rosenberg: Producer
Bill Constable: Production Design
Robert Stewart: Script
Meade Roberts: Script
Nolan Roberts: Sound Department
Sid Squires: Sound Department


Richard Johnson: Jonas Wilde
Carol Lynley: Jocelyn
Barbara Bouchet: Mari
Sylvia Syms: Barbara Canning
Gordon Jackson: Stem
Diana Dors: Rhoda Gooderich
Maurice Denham: Peter Rovenspur
Sam Wanamaker: Lucinda
David Bauer: Bennett
Robin Bailey: Parsons
Harry Andrews: Canning

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