February 27, 2017


Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective – 1981 | 120 mins | Crime, Comedy | Colour

Plot Synopsis

Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective

Dangerous Davies was adapted by Leslie Thomas and veteran director Val Guest from Thomas’ comic detective novels. The ironically named ‘Dangerous’ was based on Thomas’ experiences during the 1950s as a reporter on the Willesden Citizen and the characters he met at work and in his lodgings. The film was shot in North West London with a budget of £325,000. Bernard Cribbins performance is rich in comic appeal and his portrayal of the dogged but unfortunately accident-prone policeman is pleasantly engaging.

DCI ‘Dangerous’ Davies (Bernard Cribbins) is a bumbling London police detective who yearns to investigate a murder case but is more often than not handed insignificant and unrewarding tasks. When a crook returns to the manner and Special Branch want him unsubtly tailing, Chief Insp. Yardbird (Joss Ackland) hands the case to Davies. Whilst reading through the case files the shambling detective inadvertently stumbles across an unsolved case from 15 years earlier of a missing teenage girl, Celia Norris, and sets out to solve the crime. Davies believes the case was never properly investigated so with the assistance of good friend Mod Lewis (Bill Maynard) the resolute bloodhound interviews many of those who gave statements during the original case. As he trawls through the dregs of society, the recent death of a police officer produces major new evidence.

Production Team

Geoffrey Tozer: Art Direction
Frank Watts: Cinematography
Bill Lenny: Film Editing
Daphne Martin: Makeup Department
Eddie Knight: Makeup Department
Leslie Thomas: Novel
Ed Welch: Original Music
Greg Smith: Producer
Leslie Thomas: Script
Laurie Clarkson: Sound
Alfred Cox: Sound


Pam St. Clement: Mrs. Norris
Lucy Aston: Celia Norris
Jeremy Sinden: Det. Sgt. Green
Ken Jones: Mr. Norris
Avril Angers: Mrs. Fulljames
Colin Baker: William Lind
Patsy Rowlands: Madame Tarantella
Derek Bond: Det. Supt. Carter
Cindy O\’Callaghan: Josie Norris
Maureen Lipman: Ena Lind
John Leyton: Dave Boot
Frank Windsor: Fred Fennell
Bernard Lee: Sergeant Ben
Joss Ackland: Chief Insp. Yardbird
Bill Maynard: Mod Lewis
Bernard Cribbins: Dangerous Davies

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