February 23, 2017


Dead Man’s Shoes – 2004 | 86 mins | Thriller | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Dead Man's Shoes

Vigilante vengeance comes to the sleepy streets of Matlock in Dead Man’s Shoes, Shane Meadows‘ low-budget tale of carefully planned carnage and morality. Meadows’ script collaborator Paddy Considine delivers a fantastic nihilistic performance working from his own script peppered with improvised dialogue.

Richard (Paddy Considine), a disaffected ex-Para back in town to track down the local drug dealers who tortured his retarded brother Anthony (Tony Kebbell). Holed up in a deserted farm, tortured soul Richard heads back into town wearing a gas mask and starts off by spooking them. Then things turn nasty as a series of DIY murders involving army knives, axes, and plastic bags come into play. As the film proceeds we slowly find out exactly what happened to his brother via flashbacks.

Production Team

Shane Meadows: Director
Adam Tomlinson: Art Direction
Danny Cohen: Cinematography
Chris Wyatt: Film Editing
Lucas Roche: Film Editing
Celia Haining: Film Editing
Aphex Twin: Original Music
Mark Herbert: Producer
Shane Meadows: Script
Paul Fraser: Script
Paddy Considine: Script
Stevie Haywood: Sound Department


Paddy Considine: Richard
Gary Stretch: Sonny
Toby Kebbell: Anthony
Paul Sadot: Tuff
Andrew Shim: Elvis
Stuart Wolfenden: Herbie

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