February 27, 2017


Dear Murderer – 1947 | 90 mins | Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Dear Murderer

Complex and thoroughly unpleasant Gainsborough thriller directed by the reliable if unspectacular Arthur Crabtree. The intelligent script is presented by as cast of deeply unpleasant and unsympathetic characters,chief amongst them Oslo-born platinum blond Greta Gynt as a footloose wife and Eric Portmanís cruel spouse. It comes as something to rejoice when both get their comeuppance.

Jealous London businessman Lee Warren (Eric Portman) returns home from an American business trip to find evidence that his adulterous wife, Vivien(Greta Gynt), has been unfaithful to him with lawyer Richard Fenton (Dennis Price). Warren confronts the barrister and tells him that he has devised the perfect murder, and if he can find fault with his scheme he will let him live. Fenton canít, and Warren subsequently enacts his cold-blooded revenge.† When he discovers his wife has a new lover, Jimmy Martin (Maxwell Reed), he frames him for the murder of Fenton. Scotland Yardís dogged Insp. Penbury (Jack Warner) is assigned to the case, and although he doubts Martinís guilt, he is unable to pin the crime on Warren. Vivien pledges to remain faithful if her husband saves Martin from the gallows, but Warren underestimates his wife’s cunning.

Production Team

Arthur Crabtree: Director
John Elphick: Art Direction
Stephen Dade: Cinematography
Yvonne Caffin: Costume Desig
Gordon Hales: Film Editing
Len Garde: Makeup Department
Benjamin Frankel: Original Music
Betty E Box: Producer
George Provis: Production Design
Peter Rogers: Script
Sydney Box: Script
Muriel Box: Script
Richard Bird: Sound Department
M Hobbsand BC Sewelll: Sound Department


Eric Portman: Lee Warren
Greta Gynt: Vivien Warren
Dennis Price: Richard Fenton
Jack Warner: Insp Penbury
Maxwell Reed: Jimmy Martin
Hazel Court: Avis Fenton
Jane Hylton: Rita
Andrew Crawford: Sgt Fox

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