February 23, 2017


Death Line – 1972 | 87mins | Horror | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Death Line

Influential low-budget classic of British horror about every tube traveller’s worst nightmare – much of which was shot in an actual abandoned train tunnel near Shoreditch. American director Gary Sherman relies on a mounting sense of anxiety rather than shocks, and generates considerable sympathy for the subterranean Fagin figure and a darkly comic performance from horror stalwart Donald Pleasence.

Something nasty is stalking the tunnels of Londonís Russell Square Underground. Patricia (Sharon Gurney) and her American college student boyfriend Alex (David Ladd) find important politician James Manfred OBE (James Cossins) apparently unconscious on the stairs of the underground station after his tour of Soho strip clubs. Cockney police Inspector Calhoun and his assistant Sgt. Rogers (Norman Rossington) are called in when the police fail to find Manfred at the scene. An investigation reveals that Manfred’s disappearance may be linked to a long line missing persons cases centred on the same underground station. It transpires that a Victorian excavating accident on the subsequently aborted Museum station at the turn of the century was thought to have killed all the workers involved – but some survived and started to live on in the abandoned tunnel. The surviving descendants are “The Man” (Hugh Armstrong) and his mate, “the Woman” (June Turner). When his mate dies, the Man goes in search of another mate. He kidnaps Patricia when she and Alex are separated late one night, leading Alex to mount a desperate search of the crumbling tunnels.

Production Team

Gary Sherman: Director
Dennis Gordon-Orr: Art Direction
Alex Thomson: Cinematography
Geoffrey Foot: Editing
Peter Frampton: Makeup Department
Harry Frampton: Makeup Department
Jeremy Rose: Original Music
Malone Wil: Original Music
Paul Maslansky: Producer
Ceri Jones: Script
Cyril Collick: Sound Department
Peter Gilpin: Sound Department
John Hackne: Sound Department


Donald Pleasence: Inspector Calhoun
Norman Rossington: Detective Sergeant Rogers
David Ladd: Alex Campbell
Sharon Gurney: Patricia Wilson
Hugh Armstrong: The \’Man\’
June Turner: The \’Woman\’
Clive Swift: Inspector Richardson
James Cossins: James Manfred, OBE
Heather Stoney: WPC Alice Marshall
Hugh Dickson: Dr Bacon
Christopher Lee: Stratton-Villiers, MI5

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