February 26, 2017


Doctor Zhivago – 1965 | 200mins | Drama | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Doctor Zhivago

David Leanís epic love story based on the Nobel Prize-winning novel by Boris Pasternak. Doctor Zhivago covers the years preceding, during and following the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, as seen through the eyes of charismatic poet/doctor Yuri Zhivago (Omar Sharif). An orphan, Zhivago is caught in a love triangle, married to aristocratic Tonya (Geraldine Chaplin), but later falling in love with the reactionary Lara (Julie Christie). Lara is a nurse who has been raped by ruthless politician Komarovsky (Rod Steiger), and has been a former lover of revolutionary Pasha (Tom Courtenay). The story is narrated by Zhivago’s half brother Yevgraf (Alec Guinness), who has made his career in the Soviet Army.

Doctor Zhivago won five Oscars for best adapted screenplay (Robert Bolt), cinematography (Freddie Young), art direction-set decoration (John Box, Terry Marsh, and Dario Simoni), costume design (Phyllis Dalton), and music score (Maurice Jarre). The original New York premiere ran for 200 minutes, Lean later cut it to 180 minutes for general release, though some critics still believe the film to be over-long.

Production Team

David Lean: Director
Terence Marsh: Art Direction
Roy Walker: Assistant Art Director
Bill Hutchinson: Assistant Art Director
Ernest Archer: Assistant Art Director
Gil Parrondo: Associate Art Director
Arvid L Griffen: Associate Producer
Freddie Young: Cinematography
Phyllis Dalton: Costume Design
Norman Savage: Editing
Mario van Riel: Make-Up Dept
Maurice Jarre: Music Score
Carlo Ponti: Producer
John Box: Production Designer
Robert Bolt: Script
Winston Ryder: Sound Dept
Franklin Milton: Sound Dept
William Steinkamp: Sound Dept


Omar Sharif: Yuri
Julie Christie: Lara
Geraldine Chaplin: Tonya
Tom Courtenay: Pasha/Strelnikoff
Alec Guinness: Yevgraf
Siobhan McKenna: Anna
Ralph Richardson: Alexander Gromeko
Rod Steiger: Komarovsky
Rita Tushingham: Tonya
Adrienne Corri: Amelia
Geoffrey Keen: Prof Kurt
Jeffrey Rockland: Sasha
Klaus Kinski: Kostoyed

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