February 21, 2017


Double Bunk – 1961 | 92 mins | Comedy | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Double Bunk

Routine comedy about a young married couple’s wild adventures and misadventures on a houseboat. Ian Carmichael is reunited with fellow School for Scoundrels actress Janette Scott, however, the script and direction are distinctly lacklustre here. Ian Carmichael is languid in the lead role and Scott has little involvement beyond gazing at the camera. The supporting cast is a veritable treasure trove of familiar faces, including Sid James, Naunton Wayne, Liz Fraser, Irene Handl, Miles Malleson and Noel Purcell and Dennis Price.

Newly-wed couple Jack Goddard (Ian Carmichael) and Penny (Janette Scott) are priced out of the housing market so decide to go live on a houseboat on the Thames. An unpleasant surprise arises when the owner of the moorings, Watson (Dennis Price), appears demanding money for amenities or that the houseboat is moved within three weeks. Garage owner Jack decides to venture down river on a honeymoon cruise with fellow car dealer Sid Randall (Sid James) and his girlfriend Sandra (Liz Fraser).

Mayhem ensues as Sid blazes down the river leaving behind a trail of chaos in his wake; so much so that after travelling 2 miles they are stopped by a river authority’s officer (Naunton Wayne). They head for Ramsgate, but after Jack unwisely leaves a radio next to the ship’s compass they wind up in Calais harbour low on fuel. Their misery is compounded further when smug moorings owner Watson ties up alongside and refuses their plea for help, so Jack and Sid launch a night-time raid on his boat for fuel and food.

Production Team

C.M Pennington-Richards: Director
Maurice Carter: Art Direction
Stephen Dade: Cinematography
Cynthia Tingey: Costume Design
John D Guthridge: Film Editing
Pearl Orton: Makeup Department
Eddie Knight: Makeup Department
Stanley Black: Original Music
George H Brown: Producer
C.M Pennington-Richards: Script
Stephen Dalby: Sound Department
Cecil Mason: Sound Department


Ian Carmichael: Jack
Janette Scott: Peggy
Sid James: Sid
Liz Fraser: Sandra
Dennis Price: Watson
Reginald Beckwith: Harper
Irene Handl: Mrs Harper
Noel Purcell: O\’Malley
Naunton Wayne: 1st Thames Conservancy Officer
Bill Shine: 2nd Thames Conservancy Officer
Michael Shepley: Granville-Carter
Toby Perkins: Pukka Type
Miles Malleson: Reverend Thomas
Terry Scott: Policeman

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