February 24, 2017


Dual Alibi – 1947 | 81 mins | Crime, Thriller | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Dual Alibi

Unusual thriller told in flashback about crime at the circus, with Herbert Lom in a dual role with the aid of some good trick photography. Lom pulls it off well with an especially strong performance, particularly when one of the twins is suspected of murder. The supporting cast is headed by the much-loved stage and radio comedian Ronald Frankau who plays the circus owner.

Identical twins Jules and Georges de Lisle (Herbert Lom), are a pair of arrogant French trapeze artistes performing with a travelling circus in Blackpool. Before leaving France to join up with Vincent Barney’s (Ronald Frankau) circus, the two brothers buy a national lottery ticket whilst enjoying the Paris nightlife – then casually forget about it. Shortly afterwards the circus’ shady promoter,Mike Bergen (Terence de Marney), intercepts a letter destined for Jules,informing him he’s won one-million francs on the French lottery. Bergen uses his crooked partner in crime, singer Penny (Phyllis Dixey), to seduce Jules and discover the whereabouts of the winning lottery ticket.

A few weeks later the newspapers announce that Jules has won the lottery, but jealousy and Penny’s manipulation begins to disintegrate their friendship. The brothers settle their differences and decide to quit the circus and return to France to collect their lottery winnings; but Bergen has already travelled ahead of them with a duplicate of the winning ticket and collected the money.They subsequently track down Bergen and Penny in France, but by now he’s a minor spiv protected by a handful of paid henchmen; nevertheless, using their parallel identities as an alibi they manage to shoot Bergen dead and escape a charge of murder. Afterwards they return to England with Barney, but bad luck continues to haunt them.

Production Team

Alfred Travers: Director
R Holmes Paul: Art Direction
James Wilson: Cinematography
Hans May: Music Direction
Stanley Black: Original Music
Louis H Jackson: Producer
Vivienne Adès: Script
Stephen Clarkson: Script
Alfred Travers: Script


Herbert Lom: Jules de Lisle / Georges de Lisle
Terence de Marney: Mike Bergen
Phyllis Dixey: Penny
Ronald Frankau: Vincent Barney
Abraham Sofaer: French Judge
Harold Berens: Ali
Clarence Wright: M Mangan
Marcel Poncin: French Lawyer

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