February 21, 2017


Eight O’Clock Walk – 1953 | 87 mins | Drama | B&W

Plot Synopsis

Eight O'Clock Walk

Tepid courtroom drama based on a true story, and concerning a London taxi-driver implicated in the murder of a young girl. Richard Attenborough is excellent as the innocent man caught in the wheels of justice and looks suitably harassed, but he’s been through it all before having faced the rope in London Belongs to Me and no matter how damning the evidence, Attenborough character is too wholesome to be believed guilty of murder. Cathy O’Donnell is very sympathetic as his young wife and Derek Farr and Ian Hunter ooze authority as the rival father and son counsels on the case.

Whilst walking to work, London taxi driver Tom Manning (Richard Attenborough) is the victim of an April Fool’s trick by a schoolgirl Irene Evan’s, and is seen playfully chasing her across a bomb site. When the girl’s murdered body is later discovered, witnesses and circumstantial evidence lead the police to arrest Manning for the girl’s murder. Manning’s American wife Jill (Cathy O’Donnell) has a great deal of difficulty finding a lawyer who will defend her husband in court. She finally settles upon inexperienced barrister Peter Tanner (Derek Farr), who at first is not entirely convinced that his client is innocent. Eventually he is persuaded, and when Manning’s plight looks bleakest Tanner manages to expose the real murderer, one of the witnesses for the prosecution.

Production Team

Lance Comfort: Director
Norman G Arnold: Art Direction
Brendan J Stafford: Cinematography
Francis Bieber: Film Editing
Gladys Weston: Makeup Department
George Melachrino: Original Music
George King: Producer
Jack Roffey: Script
Katherine Strueby: Script
Guy Morgan: Script
Red Law: Sound Department
Cecil Mason: Sound Department


Richard Attenborough: Tom Manning
Cathy O’Donnell: Jill Manning
Derek Farr: Peter Tanner
Ian Hunter: Geoffrey Tanner
Maurice Denham: Horace Clifford
Bruce Seton: Detective Chief Inspector
Lily Kann: Mrs Adeline Zunz
Harry Welchman: Justice Harrington

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