February 21, 2017


Emergency Call – 1952 | 90mins | Drama | B&W


Plot Synopsis

Emergency Call

Lewis Gilbert directed this medical thriller about a police inspector’s frantic search for a donor with a rare blood type willing to save a young girl’s life. The hospitalís chief surgeon Dr. Carter (Anthony Steel), aided by Scotland Yardís Inspector Lane (Jack Warner), launch a nationwide hunt to save the leukaemia sufferer’s life.

The assignment brings the inspector into contact with three very different potential candidates. The three people must be persuaded to make a donation despite their reservations: George (Earl Cameron), is a black sailor about to depart for the Orient, and questions whether he should give blood to a white girl because of a wartime incident; he soon relents and agrees to help. Tim (Freddie Mills), a boxer in trouble with his manager (Sid James) for refusing to throw the big fight is rescued from an awkward situation by the patientís mothers appeal for his help. Finally the police must trace Jackson (Geoffrey Hibbert), a murderer who has been a fugitive for 12 years. After the criminal is trapped and dying from a gunshot wound, he must decide whether to risk sacrificing his blood for the young girl, or wait to receive hospital treatment and face an impending death penalty.

Production Team

Lewis Gilbert: Director
Bernard Robinson: Art Direction
Wilkie Cooper: Cinematography
Charles Hasse: Editing
Wilfred Burns: Original Music
Ernest G Roy: Producer
Lewis Gilbert: Script
Vernon Harris: Script


Jack Warner: Inspector Lane
Anthony Steel: Dr Carter
Joy Shelton: Laura Bishop
Sid James: Danny Marks
Freddie Mills: Tim Mahoney
Earl Cameron: George Robinson
John Robinson: Dr Braithwaite
Thora Hird: Mrs Cornelius

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