February 21, 2017


Fanny and Elvis – 1999 | 115 mins | Comedy, Romance | Colour


Plot Synopsis

Fanny and Elvis

Set in the Yorkshire town of Hebden, Kate and Dave meet when Kate bends Dave’s pride and joy – his Jag. Following a row in a pub car park they then find their respective partners having an affair. Kate is a struggling novelist, as her financial situation progressively worsens, used car salesman Dave, who she still owes money to for the repairs to his car, suggests that he takes a room in her house and she repay him in kind! She has no choice but to agree. When Kate is told by her doctor that the biological clock is ticking and about to go off, she decides that her life will only be complete when she has a baby – but should she choose to be the sperm donor; loudmouthed misogynist Dave, her gay lodger Andrew (Ben Daniels) or her estranged partner Rob (David Morrissey)?

Production Team

Kay Mellor: Director
Tatiana Lund: Art Direction
Rachel Wood: Associate Producer
Sarah Giles: Associate Producer
John Daly: Cinematography
Georges Benayoun: Co-Executive Producer
Marina Gefter: Co-Producer
Amy Roberts: Costume Design
Stephen Meachem: Costume Design
Ali Goss: Costume Design
Chris Blunden: Editing
Nik Powell: Executive Producer
Jane Robertson: Line Producer
Jan Sewell: Make-up Department
Jo Allen: Make-up Department
Nick Ingman: Music Direction
Stephen Warbeck: Original Music
Laurie Borg: Producer
Maria Djurkovic: Production Design
Kay Mellor: Script
Simon Hayes: Sound Department
Mike Dowson: Sound Department
Matt Grimes: Sound Department


Kerry Fox: Kate Dickson
Ray Winstone: Dave Parker
Ben Daniels: Andrew
David Morrissey: Rob
Jennifer Saunders: Roanna
Colin Salmon: Alan

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